20 Myths about women solo travel

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Everyone wants to travel but recently, the trend of women traveling solo is increasing and if you are women wishing to embark on a trip alone, there will be many people offering you advice and giving you words of warning about solo travel. Here we are compiling a list of Myths that people assume about women solo travel.








  1. It’s not safe and if you walk around alone, you’ll get mugged or killed. For people who have never stepped out of their comfort zone, a new country or a new place is a scary prospect and yes, there are many dangers but that shouldn’t stop you from traveling. It should just make you cautious. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, just enter a store or a place surrounded by other people. There are some places where you have to be more careful than others.
  2. Traveling alone is lonely. That is another myth. More often than not, you will find other solo travelers like yourself and even if you don’t, you WILL meet new people. Moreover, you will not get time to be lonely. Travelling can get hectic.
  3. Solo travelers are courageous: You don’t need to be the bravest person to go on a trip alone. You just need to plan ahead and be cautious. The confidence and courage come itself once you start traveling. Yes, it takes bravery to take that first step and decide that you want to travel alone, but after that, things will fall into place.
  4. If you drink water there, you’ll get sick and since you’re alone, no one will take care of you. SOMETIMES, the water of a place doesn’t suit you, in which case, you can always buy mineral water. But mostly, you can drink tap water and it is fine.
  5. Talking to strangers: You have always been warned to not talk to strangers or you’ll get kidnapped or something awful will happen to you. With solo traveling, it is impossible to not talk to strangers. If you are traveling to a new place, every person there is a stranger and I’ve often talked to strangers who have been nothing but kind and nice. Yes, if you feel uncomfortable talking to someone or just get a wrong vibe, it is important to walk away, otherwise, not everyone is out to kill you.
  6. Solo trips need to be long and into the unknown. If you are a woman traveling solo, it doesn’t mean you have to take a long trip to some unknown place. You can travel to some place you are comfortable with and build up your confidence.
  7. There’s no love between the person and her family and friends and that’s why they couldn’t convince someone to come with them. NO. That’s not true. Maybe they prefer to travel alone or maybe the others were busy. You can have a loving relationship with your friends and family and still want o travel alone.
  8. It can be boring. It’s a myth that solo traveling brings dull moments. On the contrary, you’ll be constantly doing something or absorbing your surroundings. There is so much to experience in a new place that there won’t be one boring moment.
  9. It takes more effort to plan. On the other hand, it is easier to plan a solo trip when you just have to make arrangements on your own and keep your own safety and comfort and likes in mind.
  10. Jeopardizing your career. It is a popular belief that if you leave your job behind or take time off from college to travel, you’re jeopardizing your career. In reality, traveling lend you an experience and there will be plenty of jobs waiting when you come back.
  11. You need to know a foreign language. Another popular myth is that if you are traveling solo, you should at least know a foreign language. While it helps to know a few common words, you don’t need to learn a whole new language just to travel to a place.
  12. It is hard to maintain relationships for a solo woman traveler. It is not true. As long as there are love and trust in a relationship it will work out. As you constantly update your partner about your location and experiences, it will make the bond grow stronger.
  13. All women solo travelers are single. Sometimes you want to travel but your partner does not. That should not stop you from trying something that you wish to experience. 
  14. Eating alone makes you look pathetic. While you are trying the local street food or treating yourself to a nice dinner in a restaurant, no one is going to care that you are eating alone.
  15. It’s limiting to travel solo. Actually, it is as limiting or as limitless as you let it be. You can explore more since you won’t be worrying about your companion’s comfort.
  16. You can’t be an introvert and travel alone. Traveling solo can fill you with more confidence and MAKE you outgoing. Even introverts become more open once they start traveling.
  17. You will get unwanted attention. That will happen whether you are traveling or in your home country. Some people chose to wear wedding rings to avoid unwanted attention. Also, you can always walk out of an unwanted situation.
  18. You have to do everything yourself and it is hard. That is a benefit of traveling alone. You don’t have to plan ahead if you don’t want to. You don’t have to be considerate to your traveling buddy. You decide what you want to do or where you want to go and that is it. You can abandon your plan to go to tourist places and just sit back at an amazing location and enjoy the weather.
  19. Traveling alone is a huge life-changing decision. It is just fun. You go on a trip alone, you see things, you enjoy and then you come back. And if you lied doing it once, you might do it again. There is nothing major about it.
  20. I can’t do it. You can. Everyone thinks that it is a big deal when they first make the choice but afterward, you could not have made a better decision. Every person has the capacity to become a solo traveler.

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