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The nonignorable chaos of wonderfully diverse people, most of them tourists though and the places full of pure natural bliss, Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital city. The city, like every other capital cities in the world, happens to be the center of all cultural, social and political happenings in the country. The added charm comes from the Mother Nature herself who has poured her heart into making this city a beautifully constructed piece of architecture. The mankind has also been quite fond of the city, how else would you explain the amazing temples and monuments located here. The recent earthquake almost ruined the city in its entirety but perhaps, it knows quite well how to take care of itself.

There are many things a tourist can do in here to make the most out of their trips. The religious institutions, the majestic Himalayan range, the national parks etc makes the city a complete package. Let us know more about what exactly one should be doing in the city once they land here.

Boudhanath Stupa- One of the very few UNESCO world heritage sites in the country, Boudhanath Stupa is a charming attraction for the tourists. Most of the tour guides always chose this place to start the journey deep into this beautiful city. The religious center of Nepal’s Tibetan/Budhh community, this stupa is a marvelous piece of architecture and a wonderful kick starts to the trip.

Everest Region- Home to some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world such as Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest, the Himalayan range is one other big tourist magnets in the city. Trek into the Everest was somehow closed due to the recent earthquake that shook the country but it was reopened after some time thanks to the heavy pressure by the tourists.

Nepal map of everest

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Annapurna Region- If there is anything else in the world that could be compared to Everest region in terms of magnificence is this. The 10-day trek over here is one of the longest and the most exciting trek in the world. The Annapurna Base Camp happens to be the highest point that gives a cool 360-degree view of the entire region, which makes for a sight to savor.

Durbar Square- Affectionately known as the heart of Kathmandu tourism, the Durbar Square remains crowded for the most part in the year. There are countless numbers of shrines and little temples spread in the square which is a great place for the most religious of tourists. Hanuman Dhoka and Taleju temple are two shining diamonds in the crown that Durbar Square is.


Pashupatinath Temple- King Bhupendra Malla, who reigned the country in the later parts of the 16th century, got this temple built and invited some of the most accomplished architects from all over the world to do the task. And the result is for all of us to see. This serves as a great pilgrim spot for the Hindu devotees who come here in heavy numbers.



There is no dearth of tourism spots in this city. There is the Royal Palace, Narayanhiti place museum among many other places. The only Hindu country in the world is being run by the Kathmandu city and its spirit is unbreakable. The latest example is the earth shattering earthquake. The city got up on its feet in no time and from the bruises of it, it became stronger than ever.

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