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The beautiful city Ajmer is well known for the famous shrine “Dargah” of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. It is 130 km from Jaipur, situated at the heart of Rajasthan. The historic valley, rich in culture is ringed around by Aravali range. It is one of the most eminent centers of Islamic history, which you can witness in the incredible Moghul architecture. The city shows a perfect blend of diverse culture, religion, and community, as 14km from Ajmer there lies an ancient Hindu pilgrimage Pushkar, which is a famous Brahma temple. Planning a trip to Ajmer Sharif? We have collected some important information about sightseeing and other details, which might help you as a travel guide.
 “Dargah” of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti.
The Dargah of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti  is the famous sacred place of Muslims, which is also venerated by other religions. He came to Ajmer in 1192 and died here in 1236. The tomb is one of the most significant pilgrimages,  which was constructed by many famous Muslim rulers like Moghul emperor Humayun, who constructed shrine and the Nizam gate was constructed by Nizam of Hyderabad. Many visitors across the world come to the Dargah Sharif, as there is strong belief that saint’s spirit will intercede on behalf of them in times of any problem. People ties note in the holy string if they have any problem believing that it will vanish by the blessings of the divine spirit.

Way to Adhai-Din-Ka Jhopra.
The Adhai-Din-Ka Jhopra is the famous mosque situated at the outskirts of the city Ajmer. It is said that it have been built just in two and half days. Doesn’t it seem impossible? But, it is strongly believed by locals of the area that it just took two and half days to construct this incredible monument. Originally it was a Sanskrit college, further, it was forcibly transformed in Mosque by Muhammad Ghori. It is worth seeing and I would recommend you not to skip this unique monument.


Feel the cool breeze at the bank of Ana Sagar Lake.
Artificially made by damming the Luni river, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions constructed by Anaji Chauhan. It is surrounded by eye luring beautiful gardens along with series of marble pavilion constructed by Shah Jahan. It is very tempting and eye pleasing view of the sunset from the doultbagh near Ana Sagar.

ajmer ana sagar
Visit the holy land of Brahma “Pushkar”!!
14 km from the holy city Ajmer lies the small yet beautiful city Pushkar, the eminently famous city of Lord Brahma. The peaceful and calm city is the center of the devotion of thousands of devotees. The famous temple is the only Brahma temple in the world.
The Nasiyan Red Jain temple.
Along with Hindu and Muslims, the city Ajmer has also possessed the golden Jain temple, which is also one of the famous temples of Rajasthan.  The amazing double -storey temple is the best example of eye luring architecture. The famous temple is decorated with gold, silver and other precious stones depicting the various aspect of Jainism is worth visiting.


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