5 To Do’s at Pangong Lake

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Remember the last scene from 3 Idiots movie, when Kareena approaches Aamir in bridal dress and confesses her love to him. That epic shot is from Pangong Lake. The famous lake is 160 km from Leh, and is 14,256 feet above sea level. Nearest airport to reach to the place is Leh airport, from where either you can drive or bike ride to this beautiful lake which makes you speechless and gives you timeless experience. The ride to the lake in itself is scenic as one gets to pass through famous Changla Pass and other small villages. The countryside makes you feel nostalgic and reminds you of childhood paintings. Apparently, it is just the 40% of the lake that lies in India and rest lies in China. The crystal clear blue lake sprawls over an area of 100 kilometers across the borders of two countries in India and China. This is the reason; you may also see the patrolling by the defense personals. It is opened for tourists from May to September, as it is frozen during winters and routes to the lakes are usually closed. During the trip to Leh-Ladakh, one should keep at least 1 night/2 days for the place. Penning down few must to-do’s that one should plan while at Pangong.
Bird Watching at lake
Pangong is bird watcher’s paradise. Though due to salty water, you may not spot much aquatic flora and fauna, but surely you may find migratory birds as the lake is breeding ground for many. Bar-headed goose and Brahmini ducks are the most common, though.


Stroll at the lake
The serenity and tranquility at the lake will let you spend time with yourself. Evening and mornings are the best times when you can go for a quick stroll around the lake or maybe sitting on the banks to soak yourself in the sun. The clear and crystal water will try to lure you, but you are not allowed to take a dip in the lake, so resist yourself and enjoy just being at the bank.

One night stay with Locals in Home Stays
There are several homestays near the lake. You can pick and choose any of them and enjoy their lifestyle by spending one night with them. Panoramic view from them is usually beautiful, as most of them are near the banks. Cooking rice, chopping vegetables, talking to them in sign language, enjoying with their pets and trying to accommodate with locals is super fun. These homestays are budgeted accommodations and are almost close to Ladakh traditions. Usual price range from 3000 to 3500 inclusive of all meals. It gets really cold in the night, but fortunately good homestays like the camp watermark and eco huts provide you with warm water and other amenities to make the life easy.

Capturing Pangong with your lens
You can never get over capturing Pangong’s beauty with your lens. The place is beautiful especially when the sun shines at its peak. One can identify the three different shades of blue in the water. The landscape is beautiful. The place is indeed picturesque.


Eating Momos at 3-Idiots Point
Momos and Chowmein are famous at these small joints that have come up post 3 Idiots movie. Their Momos are different from what usually eat. You may find spinach momos, which are exceptionally good, and it is advised to have your food at these places, as once it gets dark and you enter homestays, you are left with very less options to eat.


Pangong Lake is the must visit place, on your trip to Leh-Ladakh.

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