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We all go through our share of ups and downs, but few of us keep our wits and ensure we sail through the patches and come out with flying colors. Vidita Kamat, founder ‎Mezclaa is one such person we came across whose journey would inspire you to go beyond when it comes to chasing your dreams, the lady who firmly believes “family is the ultimate support system, we all need”. Presenting the excerpts from our recent chit-chat with her.

GS: Brief us about your background?

VK: I come from a family with a hospitality background. I have been around food and people from the time. Growing up, my life has revolved around food and foodies all the time, everywhere and anywhere I have been. From my childhood. Mom’s traditional food and dad’s innovative cooking gave birth to the chef in me! Cooking & baking has always been my first love; I love everything that is associated with food and culinary. I have always been a bubbly and chirpy child through school and college years and an enthusiast to learn more about food and the world around it. My focus has always been towards food and I have always loved to be a peoples person as I have been brought up in such an environment and would never want to change it for the world.

GS: Tell us about the support from family?

VK: I have been blessed to have a very supportive family. Since everyone is in the same segment we all enjoy each other’s company. We eat, breathe and sleep with only hospitality and could never get bored about it….we may not know what’s happening in Bollywood but we would definitely whose doing what in the hospitality world. I have worked and still continue what I like doing since I have started my own venture called MEZCLAA and I have conducted classes, events and other activities regarding food and people and I wish to continue to do the same.

GS: How did it all start?

VK: Well, I always wanted to do something of my own and like any newbie entrepreneur, I fought my battles on my own. I had a shop in Bombay which was doing pretty well but I had to shift to Pune where I started my own catering all over again set up the business. I was able to manage and arrange a lot of events in the city, but eventually, have to shift back to Bombay where I figured that I need to re-vamp the entire thing to get out the best of me and my brand.

GS: Being into this for a while, how do you feel?

VK: (laughs)I have been in this industry u could say the day I was born…Its has its own share of ups and downs but I guess I could never think of any other industry and I could actually say…haha, it runs in my blood.

GS: Share your journey, so far?

VK: I have seen a lot of highs and lows in this industry from scratch and related things related to this industry through my experiences…The food industry has become so vast and there is so much happening around and so much to learn and hence it enticing and exciting to meet people related from the same industry. I have enjoyed my journey and will continue to do the same as I know this is what I love and this is what I love doing and would love to continue and do whatever I am doing now.

GS: Who is the role model?

VK: My father being more on the entrepreneurial side and my mother being innovative; both have been my role models, creating a cocktail effect. As I grew up, my teachers from Sophia Polytech – Chef Linus D’silva, Chef Hufriz Motawara have mentored me, during my days in Sophia College. In my professional life, Chef Vikas Bagul from The Oberoi’s in Mumbai, Chef Gaurav Kapoor from Taj Lands End, and my friends and associates like Annabelle Rodrigues Ma’am, Elenka Rebello Ma’am and Andre Fonseca (from Don Bosco College who have helped me understand the nuances of being a chef in some way or the other.

GS: Is the career you opted for, gender agnostics? If not, your specific challenges.

VK: It has been an interesting challenge, of sorts. It is very important to be upright and strong, otherwise, it gets difficult to survive in the industry. Women rule in domestic kitchens because there is no one to tell them what to do and how to do things. They make their food with all their love and compassion. In a commercial kitchen, it is a male-dominated area because it is a totally different ball game. The pressure in the commercial kitchen is immense. It’s not about handling only the food, but also the people and the management. If you are an executive or sous chef, it is imperative to divide work accordingly. In order to survive in the kitchen, one needs to be mentally and physically prepared to deal with any situation and its consequences.

GS: Your message to our readers?

VK: In this world, there are going to be a lot of things that will be beyond our control, but what you do have control over is how you react to whatever happens in your life. You become exactly what you believe – so if you believe you can do all things because you have been endowed by a power given to you by the grace of God and making sure that you make the utmost use of it, because  ‘God believes in those who believe in themselves’.

What a delightful conversation we had with her, she is extremely warm as a person and has an aura of confidence and self-belief, she is truly the next-gen hotelier. We wish her success and loads of happiness!!!

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