A delightful day in Landour

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Landour, the small town located at a distance of mere 5 kilometers from Mussoorie and yet a whole world apart has repeatedly attracted us to its mesmerizing mountains and architecture which leaves nostalgia for the British era as one rams its streets.

During our last trip to Landour, we had planned a day full of mostly lazying about in the mesmerizing beauty of this town together with its twin-town Mussoorie has earned the title of ‘Queen of Hills’. We had already visited its some of its most important landmarks such as Sister’s Bazaar, St. Paul’s Church, etc; the eating points such as Chaar Dukan, Lal Teeba Coffe Point – both highly recommended as well as nearby landmarks such as Dhanaultri and Sukanda Temple; even had a chance to shake hands with one and only Ruskin Bond.

Although we had just planned a lazy holiday, the beautiful memories lived in these places might have tempted us to visit those places again if only it was not for the hotel we hade chose to stay at this time. For we had chosen to stay in Rokeby Manor this time. This heritage home that was built as far back as 1840 is one of the best hotels we have come across in the Himalayas.

Though its architecture that reminds one of the times of British Raj has been kept in its old-style – much like most of the buildings in Landour, it avails all the facilities that you can expect from a most modern hotel – flat tv screens with cable, wi-fi access, in-room dining, 24×7 open front desk, etc. They even avail bikes and scooters for exploring Landour, not that we took them – preferring walking instead.

The rooms of Rokeby Manor are spacious, well ventilated and maintain the same British Raj style interiors. The staff really friendly, hospitable and well informed with all the details a tourist might be interested in. The food here is incredible – in fact, the best we have come across in Mussoorie and Landour region. They have a café here and though we had our breakfast within our rooms. The first thing we did just after checking in was getting a massage. Our bodies exhausted from long journey welcomed the soothing hands of therapists with all delights.

We spent the afternoon exploring the streets of Landour and enjoying the simple pleasure one can get out of walking in them instead of committing ourselves to visit the old tourist spots this time.

We were back in Manor as we had already planned our evenings. After spending some time gazing at enchanting ‘The Tea Garden’ of Manor, we moved to the next item – watching the mesmerizing the sunset of Landour in Jacuzzi hot bath provided by Rokeby Manor. It was an experience of inexplicable delights to be in a hot bath amid the cool hills of Landour and watch the sunset.

We returned from the trip fully relaxed by this holiday and also full of memories. J

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