Adventure, nature’s beauty and fun at Jogigundi Falls

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Situated in the heart of Karnataka’s dense Western ghats, Jogingundi Falls is one of the most loved tourist’s attractions, a scenic small but wide waterfall in Karnataka, about 3 km from Agumbe which is sometimes called the Cherrapunji of the south due to the amount of rainfall it receives. Therefore the waterfalls are blessed with a large volume of water flowing throughout the year. One of the main reasons why this fall is so popular amongst local people is its uniqueness. It is a completely different experience from what you normally see elsewhere in and around the region.

Unlike your traditional waterfall where water falls from a height or in multiple tiers, the cave is a unique one as this one flows out of a cave that runs through the hill and hence is known as a cave waterfall. This is what makes Jogigundi Falls a treat to your eyes. People are thrilled to experience the sheer excitement of a fall flowing out from the mysterious cave. The whole concept runs a chill down your spine and makes you feel the adrenaline rush. Tourists can indulge in a variety of adventures here. You can spend a whole day here basking in some other activities.

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This picturesque destination basking in the glory of sparkling nature is situated about 4 kms from Agumbe. You will have to cover 3 kms by your vehicle and the last km should be trekked down. Trekking to reach Jogigundi Falls is not less than an adventure in itself. You will have to cross several steep and narrow trails.

Once you complete your trek down the trail you will be welcomed by a majestic natural pool brimming with loads of adventures. You can indulge in activities such as swimming. You can comfortably swim in the very pleasing swimming pool there in front of the waterfall, but be careful as the waters here are pretty deep, upwards of 50 feet and the edges of the pool have sharp rocky edges. It is advised that you don’t use soap, shampoo, detergent, and other chemical stuff while bathing in the pool. It will not only pollute the water but also harm the environment in many ways.

This exotic place is surrounded by green forests. It is made up of dark rocks. There is a small stream that you will have to cross to have a full view of the landscape. After crossing this stream, you will spot all small caves (holes) in the rocks below. You will be thrilled to see the water flowing from these caves.

Jogigundi Falls

There is enough water to swim in the front of the waterfall. However, the water here is as deep as 50 feet. So make sure that you take all the precaution before setting out to swim in the water. The edges of the rocks are sharp. You can collide with them anytime. Apart from indulging water sports, you can even set out to wildlife safari of your own style. There is lot to explore in the forest. You can spot some rare birds and animals too.

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Local people in Agumbe explore the waterfall during dry season. They climb all the way up to the cave and jump from there to the pool. This is truly one of the most beautiful experience one can have.

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