Assagao, The flower Village of North Goa

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Goa is famous for its beaches and nightlife and has won the title of tourism capital of India on the back of those attractions but they do not form an exclusive list of the pleasures the state has to offer at all. Some of its lesser-known attractions its beautiful villages, a lot of which offer a serene distraction in case you have had too much of its beaches. Its traffic-free country lanes and pretty landscape with beautiful churches and pretty flowers are a welcome change from Goa’s more mainstream attractions.

Its tranquil beauty is so different from the noise of party-loving party culture of Goa that you might think that you are not in Goa anymore. But do not be deceived – Goa’s beauty is still there but just at a different, and if we might say, and even more original wavelength.

Today, Ghoomophiro will talk about their experience in Assagoa. Assagoa is also known as ‘Fullyanchem Gaon’ or the flower village of North Goa as well as several other nicknames – “Little Delhi”, “Goa’s South Extension”, ‘Artist’s village’, “The Beverly Hills of Goa”, “Goa’s Tuscany”.. Assagoa is a village in  Bardez, Goa. It is located about 4 kilometers west of Mapusa. This flower village of North Goa was ruled by Portuguese like the rest of the state and this has left very little trace of earlier cultures that had resided in it.


According to a local legend, the village got its name when a prince, who had lost his way on the hills of Assagao on a dark night, heard the cock crow to signal the time dawn. Overjoyed and relieved of his fears, the forlorn prince heaved a sigh, Assa re ganv. The earliest known inhabitants of Assagao were Saraswat Brahmins of the Atri gotra among some other Hindus who all had Ravalnath as their presiding deity. There was no dearth of temples back then but none survives now – after it has survived Portegeuse rule.

How to reach Assagao?

The forty-kilometer journey from Goa airport can be made on the personal vehicle or taxi or a hired vehicle. It is best visited as a one day detour from Panjim.

What to eat?

Assagao has grown to be a full-blown tourist attraction with a number of eateries offering very delicious varieties of Indian as well as western cuisine.

What to buy?

Assagao’s shops are the best in Goa if you feel like buying souvenirs. There are shops here offering anything and everything – garments, jewelry, electronic accessories, etc.

Where to stay?

Assagao offers accommodations options for people of all budgets and pockets. Some of these offer specialized services such as spa, yoga, etc.

Places to visit

  1. Villa Blanche Bistro

A quiet eatery in a quiet village tucked right inside commercial noise of holiday paradise that is Goa, Villa Blanche Bistro was our first stop. It had mouthwatering Italian and German delicacies on offer which we munched away in our breakfast. This was the reason why we visited it on Sunday – to have a taste of every dish they had to offer.

  1. Hotel Astoria

This 250-year old heritage bungalow is the perfect place to have your evening drinks or early morning snacks while sitting in shades of mango trees and coconut palms and listening to songs of bulbuls and other birds.

  1. Purple Valley Goa

There seems something absurd in talking about ‘yoga in Goa’ but you can do exactly that at Purple Valley Goa which has a large open area for meditation and reflection. You can also stay at Ganesh House, Savasana House or cottages in here. Moreover, all the food served here is organic and vegetarian – helping you experience life from an ascetic’s point of view.

  1. St. Cajetan’s Church

St. Cajetan’s Church is one of 23 churches in Bardez built by the Portuguese. The beautiful church of Assagaon is a piece of architectural genius and greets its visitors with a rich history.

  1. Project Café

The Café that has become an attracted some of the most popular artists of the country to a small village like Assagao – the café is a cafe, a retail store, an art gallery, Whether it be writers, painters, musicians etc, Project Café is fast on the road of becoming artists’ parliament of India. Pay a trip here and if you are lucky you might come across some artist you have dreamed of meeting all your life.


Assagao is a beautiful little village that might have been made for lovers of beauty only. It has its own exclusive pleasures to offer even within Goa. Talking in terms of luxury hotels, we prefer ones in Assagao over those in Panjim. We even recommend making a special trip just for Assagao. Though there are no sea beaches within the village, there are popular beaches like Anjuna beach in the neighborhood.  Have you been to Assagao? What has your experience there been? J

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