Baratang Island- the most unexplored place in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago

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Baratang Island is a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The irony is that the Baratang Island is the most unexplored part of the Andaman and the most beautiful as well. Ignored from a tourism point of view, the place offers some natural wonders and is known for its untouched beauty.


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The pristine island is located at about 100 km from Port Blair. Port Blair is the gateway to the islands and though surrounded by dramatic scenery such as lush forest and rugged coastline, Port Blair more or less just gives you the feel of your typical Indian town. Regular bus services operate from Port Blair to Baratang Island.


Places to explore

Limestone caves- The limestone caves located in Baratang are a traveler’s paradise. These caves were naturally formed and have been around for centuries surprising the people about the amazing feats nature has achieved. The people who are into geomorphologists would find it to their delight and interest. During rush/peak seasons, from December to March, the cave is usually more crowded. There are small huts to take rest and enjoy refreshments, in case you are tired. Tender coconut, snacks, lemon juice, cucumber are available nearer to the cave.

Parrot Island- The parrot island offers some of the most eccentric views of the Andaman Sea. Although, this isn’t the reason most travelers visit the place, the reason is why this is called the Parrot Island. Apparently, every day when the sun sets, the tourists can see the amazing views of thousands of parrots returning home, this forms magical scenery. The tourists need to take a ferry from Baratang to the parrot island in order to witness the phenomenon.

Mud volcanoes- The mud volcanoes in Baratang are located about 4 kilometers away from Jetty. A shared taxi is needed to be hired by the tourists in order to witness the natural phenomenon that is Mud volcanoes. These are the only caves of their types found in all India.



Dongi rides, beaches, birds, caves and trekking, Baratang has all of these activities to offer. It is a popular destination for a one-day trip, especially for those who come with limited time on hand. Those who do decide to stay for a night or two can make the most of the virgin beaches, some exciting bird watching opportunities, a rural way of life, adventure mangrove boat rides and ample of cheap authentic Indian dishes.



The tourists are strictly advised to bring their foods to the island as there are about 3 or 4 restaurants on the island. The places deal mostly in sea-food, so the vegetarians may find it hard to get some good stuff to eat. Some restaurant options in Baratang Island, Port Blair are A.R. Restaurant, Gharami restaurant, Island restaurant, and Nandini restaurant.


Dew dale resorts- The setting of the resort is quite rural, far from the maddening crowd. The calm and serene place offer some good alone time to the tourists.

Best time to plan a visit

The best time to visit the Baratang Island would be from October to May. This time will offer the best view over on the parrot island as the parrots will make their arrival right at the sunset.

This island between South and Middle Andaman is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. You’ll end up with a wonderful experience amidst the beautiful beaches, mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes and limestone caves

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