Celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti in Punjab

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is celebrated every year on the 5 January.  The Guru Gobind was the tenth guru of Sikhs and he was born in Patna. But in Punjab, this Jayanti also celebrates grandly. This day all gurudwara decorates from the lights and candles. Most of the pilgrimages visit Punjab for celebrating Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti. Recently I went to Punjab at this grand celebration and enjoyed really. So I suggest once you should visit Punjab on this day. Here I am sharing my experience and some enjoyable moments.

The beginning of my trip

Most of the pilgrimage visited the Amritsar because of the golden temple. And I also visited the golden temple in Amritsar. I reached Amritsar before 2 or 3 days ago because the celebration started in 2 days ago. So I visited other places in the mornings like Paonta village and Anandpur villages. The Paonta village is famous because here guru Gobind Singh writes rules and books for Sikhs dharmas. And the place of Anandpur is the birthplace of Shri Keshargarh sahib. I visited both villages and ate food in Anandpur villages. On the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti in Amritsar, I saw the better arrangement of managing people.

Exploring the culture

As I mentioned above the city is decorated with lights and candles. And here I stay in the hotel that is near to gurudwara.  At night the celebration started with prayer. However, the festival of Jayanti is started 2 days ago of Akhand Panth and it culminates on 5 January. When I entered the gurudwara the pundits were reading holy Shri Granth sahib that is written by guru Gobind sahib. Before 2 days of Jayanti, the Prabhat Pheri start. In this Pheri, many processions were singing hymns and others were offering tea or sweets of the pilgrimage who visited. On the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh the kirtan start. I enjoyed the kirtan but when you visit gurudwara you have to wear a kurta salwar.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Inside Golden Temple

The most awaited moment

On the 5th of January this day I was really excited to see the golden temple. So I went temple after ready and prayed to the god. However, in gurudwara, you can eat langar every day, but today’s langar is special. Today, the food prepared of Sarson ka sag with ghee or other vegetables for the langar. I really enjoy the food that I ate in the langar.  This day I saw the culture of Punjab many pilgrimage sing prayers and bhangra dance. I also joined bhangra dance and learn other cultures as well. At night I visit some gardens like a rock garden, Jalliawala bagh, and many more.

Jallianwala Bagh

The end

I enjoyed too much my journey and I suggest you should also visit Punjab on the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti. Not only Amritsar but also on the Paonta villages also celebrates this day. So I visited so many places on the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.

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