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Before the era of the smart phones dawned upon us, there were cameras. In order to take a picture, a good one to be more precise, it was required to have a good knowledge of the complicated camera functions. But once the smartphones arrived in our lives, they took away the need to capture the beautiful moments of life in the cameras. Still clicking good pictures from your smartphone is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be a pro at it!!

Below are a few tips that could come in handy if you want to be one of those smartphone photographers.

Use Grid lines- One of easiest ways to get perfectly balanced shot is to use the grid options effectively. The grid lines form 9 little boxes on the screen and you need to balance them effectively using the ‘rule of thirds’, usually used in the professional photography. If you place the points of interests within the boxes, the image will be better to look at and well balanced.

Focus on one subject- Usually; the photographs taken from the phone have just one subject that you want to click. Take some time in balancing the focus on that particular subject and keep a sharp focus on that point until you press the capture button.

Editing- Editing is necessary. More often than not, the framing gets weird and you end up including some things in your photo unintentionally. Use the editor effectively in order to crop out the unwanted portion of the picture or to give the clicked image a sharper edge.

Love the negative space- The negative space in a picture is that particular area that doesn’t serve any special purpose to the image, such as a clear sky in the background, or a wide landscape. However, using a negative space effectively can make the image look professional of the highest degree.

Play with angles- Playing with the different point of views can be a lot of fun and it can give your image a distinct edge. As most of the images taken from a smartphone are either straight angled or bird’s view, using some unexpected angle can be a great display of your talent as a photographer. However, in case you have gone quite overboard with that one, there always are the ways to fix that in the edit.

Reflections- There is something artistic about including reflections in your photograph. Just make your subject stand on the bank of a lake and click a well-balanced photograph equally giving enough space in the final image to the real subject and the reflection. You will know what it can do to your image.

Color blocking- How great it looks when the entire image is in black and white except for one object. Although this could only be done during the editing, but the effect is extremely crazy looking and gives your photograph a wicked but beautiful charm.

The journey to become a smartphone photographer is long but worth it!

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