Cool Indian River Rafting spots

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India, other than being one of the few places in the world that give a strong glimpse into the history, is also known for having some great water sports. River rafting is one of the most popular activities that the tourists absolutely like to do. There are many spots all across the country that offers some of the safest and the most enjoyable river rafting opportunities. Safety is paramount, so research well before you move on to raft about what places are the safest and with lesser number of incidents.

Here are our picks out of the countless number of places from the country.

Rishikesh– If one mentions river rafting in the northern part of the country, there always is the first mention of the city called Rishikesh, located in the Uttarakhand state. Whenever somebody says River Rafting, Rishikesh pops up in the mind. And that is there for some reason. Rafting in the holy water of the river Ganges while surrounded by all natural beauty is one of the things one shall experience at least once in their lifetimes. Other sports such as trekking and hill jumping are also quite popular here. The grade 2 rapid of the river makes the rafting last for about 2 hours.

rri Ladakh– Oh yes, you remember that road trip from Delhi to Ladakh on your bullets. But you have barely heard the mentions of it as one of the prime locations for the river rafting fanatics in the country. Well, you aren’t alone. The rafting experience in the Zanskar River is something worth having. Because the place is located at a high elevation spot and there is some next level fun while witnessing the river merging with the Indus River at the end of the raft. The rapids here are known to cross the grade 4 and 5 at some spots. The average time frame is 2 hours with the longest rafting route being 3 hours long.


Dandeli- The Western Ghats are among the craziest places in all over the country to do some intense high-level rafting. The Kali River flows at full force and the rafting route over here in Dandeli river rafting, the trail is about 12 kilometers long. This happens to be one of the most exciting rivers rafting experience one can have. All the testosterone heating up your body while the beautiful sceneries calming your nerves down, it doesn’t get any better than that. The class 3 rapids are most common in the river here.


Darjeeling- Teesta and Rangeet rivers flows down the Darjeeling hills providing the rafters the great view throughout the trail. The foaming white water is formed as the river falls down from the hills. The amazing view of some dense forests is all the addition that you will need in order to make the rafting experience all it’s worth. The rafting here is incredibly long for about 2 hours at the minimum and other options are also there to make it last for 3 hours or more. The rapids vary from class 2 to class 4 at different spots.

There are many other places across the country such as Sikkim, Orchha, and Garhwal where rafters can enjoy a few exciting minutes in the rivers. Almost all the places having services for the rafting are located in between the beautiful scenery which just a pleasant add-on and provides the rafters some added fun.

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