Eating out in Goa at Anjuna Beach can be a great choice. Below are a few must try restaurants

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Goa is famous for many things when it comes to attracting the tourists. Goa is a gorgeous piece of land in the south western India and Anjuna beach has always been one of the top spots for holidays, especially for the south and the western Indians. The food is one of the highlights of the place, ranging from spicy street food to the high-end eateries, there is everything for everyone. So, let’s take a look at some of the most famous places in Anjuna beach where you can eat.

Curlies- Curlies is a pretty good restaurant located at the spot and deals mostly in the continental food, sea food, Italian and north Indian cuisines. The average cost for two in Curlies is about 1500 INR.


Cafe Lilliput- Walk in the cafe if you are looking for some quick snacks or a fully fledged meal. The small but wonderful place deals in fast food items such as pizzas, burgers and a few continental meals. 800 INR is the cost for two people and the affordability invites most customers.


Purple Martini- The restaurant is located at Sunset Point, Anjuna Beach. Just like its name, the place reeks of surreal through every corner. But the food is as simple and amazing as it gets. Taste the amazing continental, Mediterranean, Italian food and sea food here. You may have to spend 1000 INR for two people’s meals but it will all be worth it.

Shiva Valley- One of the very few eateries on the Anjuna beach which serves the Indian food at its delicious best. The highlights of the place are, other than the Indian food, Chinese, Italian, continental and strangely enough Israeli food items. The hygiene and architecture of the restaurant is quite eye catching. Spend 1000 INR for a two people’s sitting.


Guru- Guru deals in North Indian, Seafood, and Italian and Tibetan cuisines. This is one of the very few places which serve the enigmatic Tibetan food the way it is supposed to be. The average eating cost for two people is INR 800.

Guru cafe

Sunset- Sunset is a small eatery in Anjum Beach serving continental food, native Goan food items along with north Indian food and sea food. This is an affordable place and per serving cost for two people is about INR 700.

Sunset cafe

Eva cafe- Head here for a change of pace from the calorie infested spicy meals. Eva cafe serves some healthy food items such as Salads and vegetarian sandwiches. 800 INR is the average cost for two people in one sitting.

Eva cafe

Cafe Sea Valley- Cafe sea Valley happens to be one of the most visited eateries in the place having a vivid menu such as continental, Italian, sea food, north Indian and Chinese food. At 800 INR for two people, the food is moderately priced.

Avalon Sunset- Come here for Chinese, Goan and Italian cuisines at their affordable best. The cafe is amazingly lit and designed and per sitting cost for two people is about 700 INR.

In Indian’s mind, Goa means food, fun and more fun. These amazing places just mentioned serving the statement quite right

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