Enjoy the thrill of Betta Rangaswamy Night Trek this weekend

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Kunti Betta is a magnificent view of two rocky hills right in the heart of sugarcane and paddy fields. Situated some 125 kms away from Bangalore in Pandavapura of Mandya District, Kunti Betta is surrounded by the lush green coconut trees with the fragrance of deeply rooted cultures in the air. The legends have it that this exotic destination once served as the habitat of Kunti (the mother of Pandavas in Mahabharata) during their exile.

There is a temple right at the foothills of the rock. During monsoons, the place turns lush green. There is a beautiful pond called Kunti Kund. The name of the destination originally is Kunti Betta but colloquially it is known as just Betta.

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Traveling to Betta right at the midnight is the journey full of surprises, adventure, and fun. It is advisable to have some light dinner before boarding on the journey of your lifetime. You will have to pass through dense coconut trees and then a school to reach the temple of Kunti Betta.

You can use school area as the parking lot for your trekking. The stairs are guarded by the dense coconut trees. While climbing up the stairs to the temple, you will notice a cave that housed Pandavas during their exile. The Pujaris of the temple now live in that. There are a few rooms in the cave. These rooms are now used by pilgrims from all over the country. The temple of Kunti Betta is right in the middle of two rocky hills. A pillar on the top of rocks is believed to have been used by Kunti.

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You should start your Betta night trek from the right side of the pond. You will notice a steeply inclined surface of a single rock. This is where you should step your foot and start your climb. As you trek for a few meters, you will realize that there is an inclination of about 60 degrees or so. Be careful while navigating your way through the slope. You will notice a number of boulders on the side of the trekking path. Soon you will be able to see the Kunti Kund—the famous pond of historical significance. A straight wall will appear. Do not try to scale this wall. Instead, take the right turn from the boulders and keep trekking on that trail. The trail will pass through dense trees.

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You will have to crawl through these dense vegetations and sometimes scale up the rocks. Keep trekking until you experience a spectacular view of the natural beauty. You feel glorious just like Pandavas.

One of the best parts about trekking in the night is sunrise. When you are on the summit, the sunrise suddenly starts to collect the dark of the night religiously.

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The chanting of Shlokas and sacred noise of the temples fill the environment like they are praising for your victory over the hills.

Be careful while descending as well. You should carefully arrive at Parikrama Point. You will notice some really weird shaped rocks at this point. People say that these were the utensils of the Pandavas.

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