Experience of a Vegetarian in Delhi Street Food Festival 2019

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We recently attended the Delhi street food festival 2019 that is organized by NASVI (national association of street vendor of India) people come to different states from India in this festival. In Delhi many types of food festivals organized. The food festival I attend where I saw up to 150 food stalls and performances like music, dance, many lip-smacking cuisines from different states of India. It’s not necessary that the only participant attend this festival. But if you are crazy about food like me then you should go and attend this festival once a time. Sharing a few glimpses from the event.

Category of food that you find in Delhi street food festival

At this festival, I ate panipuri, chole bhature, momos, pav bhaji, etc.  But I ate tasty and delicious veg food then I’m sure nonveg must be tasty. So back to veg food- I started from the panipuri or golgappa because I love it. So I ate the first variety of golgappa like Dahi, meetha, tikha, and then I moved on pav bhaji. Apart from all this food I love Chinese but I visited this stall at last because there was too much crowd. During eating food I also enjoyed music and dance. But the time when I was visiting the Chinese stall I ate all types of noodles, momos, Manchurian, paneer tikka, etc. You can eat here samosa kachori, aloo chaat, Bishan Swaroop chaat, paratha, puri sabzi and many more.

You should visit once, I’m sure you also enjoy this food festival. You can make friends. The festival was for 2 or 3 days. So in this festival, the chef also came to taste food and given a rating of the stall. According to the rating or marks, the stall owner becomes the winner. The last day of this festival music band performed and I really enjoyed this music with my favorite food.

Here I shared my experience of the Delhi street food festival 2019. Thank you!!!

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