Facts you would not know about Machli; the Royal Tigress of Ranthambore

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Machli, the queen of Ranthambore was known so, because of a fish-like mark on the left side of her face. Machli was 20-year-old tigress and that made her world’s oldest tigress.She boasted of being one of the most photographed tigeress in the world.


This tigress was the mother of over 50 per cent of all the tigers and tigresses in the park and is responsible for around Rs.65 crore per annum business for the national park.


She was also known as the “lady of the lake” since she loved spending most of her time around water bodies, and some time ago, had a fierce encounter with 14 feet long crocodile, during which she lost her teeth.

Machli crocodile_kill

Popularly known as ‘grandmother of Ranthambore, she is most popular amongst the wildlife lovers, naturalists, and TV channels. Be it national geographic, or Animal planet or BBC world, her 50 min documentary titled “Queen of Tigers” became very popular.

For her exemplary contribution to tourism , The Indian government issued a commemorative postal cover and stamp to honor the tigress and also been bestowed with TOFT lifetime achievement award.

Machli Stamp

She truly lived the life king size!!

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