FAQs relating to Ladakh/Spiti Trip

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Are you considering a trip to Ladhakh/Spiti? It is your normal tour, this adventure might involve some health risks and thus you might need some precautions. However, do not let that alarm you. We are here to answer all your questions.

Who can go on a  Ladakh/Spiti Trip?

The high altitude means you run the risk of suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) no matter how healthy and strong you are. That is a risk you will have to consider  – especially People with blood pressure and heart problems, old people, asthma patients or people with delicate health should probably consult a doctor before taking on this adventure. We won’t advice going with children under the age of 5 and even with children over the age of 5, we recommend traveling only after ensuring you have taken all the desired precautions.

Most important precaution against AMS is to increase the altitude slowly so that your body has time to adapt to conditions.

Carrying an oxygen cylinder and AMS preventive medicine is another important precaution. If one of your co-traveler is suffering from AMS, you should all descend. Make them use medicine and/or oxygen cylinder.

Other precautions to take include:

Keep yourself well hydrated. Under hydration is terrible but people often err on the other side. You must avoid overhydration too.

You must avoid sleeping at high altitudes and especially during the day. When you must sleep, try doing it in an upright position.

You must avoid overexertion at high altitudes

Avoid tobacco, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. Instead, eat carbohydrate-rich food.

Keep yourselves warm

What are things I should carry on my Leh Ladakh trip?

Besides the usual clothes, ids, toiletries and hygiene products (including things you would normally expect to find in a hotel or locally like soaps and sanitary napkins) and luggage you might need things like basic first aid, Extra spectacles with cover,  small scissors, torchlight or flashlight, multi-plug, plastic ziplock bags, sun cream, safety pins, swiss knife, water bottles, cigar lighter, matchboxes, moisturising cream, cologne talc, lip guard, small mirror etc. Carrying sufficient cash, AMS preventive medicine, and oxygen cylinder is highly recommended.

Laptops that do not have Solid State Drives should not be carried for there is the risk of them crashing or losing data. If you must carry them, you should keep them shutdown especially when you are at an altitude of 10000 meters and in cold conditions. Even in other condition, Keep them outside in the environment for a while before switching them on.

Why should I carry cash? Cant I use ATMs?

We do not recommend depending upon the few local ATMs for your cash requirements. There is a very good chance they might be all down. You should thus try to rearrange the money you will need. In order to avoid carrying too much money, you can go for advance booking options.

What are clothes I should carry on my Leh Ladakh trip?

There are a lot of weather and climatic diversions. We recommend carrying warm clothes that you can wear in layers for sake of flexibility. woolen clothes including a heavy jacket and soaks, caps or hats, sunglasses, insulated and good hiking shoes.

Why should I carry oxygen cans or a cylinder?

mount of oxygen present in the atmosphere decreases with time which might cause AMS to some people.  Thus we recommend carrying medium to large-sized oxygen cylinders. They can buy a person suffering from AMS. Small cylinders might not get you enough time. Also, carry AMS preventive medicine. Hopefully, you won’t need them but it is always better to be prepared

We hope this helps. Have an adventurous and worry-free journey.

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