Give that tight work schedule and plan a team outing in Chennai

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Chennai is one of the four Indian Metropolitan cities and one of the busiest Indian cities in general. The stress and the pressure on them to perform are quite unimaginable and it becomes more ruthless, given the amount of competition that those people may have to face on a daily basis. But thankfully, there is a concept of corporate outings to make things easier for them, if not completely tolerable. And there is no dearth of perfect spots for that in the city. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Radisson Blu temple bay- The Radisson Blu hotel range may very well be the most famous and the best one in the country in terms of services. The resort in Mamallapuram is not only having all the facilities for a 5-star resort but also provides enough ways for the corporate teams to enjoy some spare time. The place is very close to the main city and a perfect location for holidays as well.

Radisson Blu temple bay

Ideal Beach Resort- Offering a great view of the surrounding beaches, the Ideal beach resort happens to be located near the very famous Mahabalipuram. The team outings are perfect here as they offer some great features and services along with some really good options for having fun and entertainment.

Ideal Beach Resort

Beachside Frolic resort- This is one of the best affordable venues for the teams and corporate groups. It also acts as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and that just enhances the importance of the place as a tourist spot. There is also a museum on the premises of the resort to cater the more curious ones of the people.

Indeco Resort- Indeco Resorts has a great reputation of being one of the most important heritage hotels in the entire area. The iconic shore temple is also nearby in the celebrated tourist spot Mahabalipuram. The rugged beauty of the surroundings makes it easily one of the very best group outing spots in the area.

This place is ideal for a team outing as it offers a relaxing and serene environment to the people as well as offers activities good for team members to de-stress. The hotel possesses the necessary infrastructure to organize picnics and get-togethers. The hotel at Mahabalipuram is at a walking distance from some of the important historical tourist attractions in the area.

Sparsa Resort- Thiruvannamalai is the place where the resort is located and is known to be the premier leisure resorts nearest to Chennai. The place is filled with the corporate teams, families and international tourists all the time. The entire duration of the stay is eco-friendly and amazing. The team can relax and soak in the tranquil and zen-like atmosphere and cherish their break time away from deadlines, client pressures, and the likes. The resort will be your new favorite spot for excellent vegetarian food and dishes that are wholesome and healthy to eat. The conference hall in this resort can accommodate close to 100 people easily. The resort is a team friendly place to vacation much ideal for team gathering, other fun indoor team activities and team-building exercises. The team will love the resort to the hilt.

Adventure Arena- It is located in the very beautiful Andarkuppan village, which happens to be located at a few kilometers away from Anna Nagar. The place secured a place in our list because it has come up with some great activities that can be done by the families and corporate teams together. What makes this place idyllic for team outings is that it provides a specially designed outdoor training program so that the team members get a chance to enhance camaraderie and team spirit.

If you think team gathering should be much more than just camaraderie, this place offers activities for different age groups and skills which different people possess who are on the visit to this resort. The resort has a specially defined area for training and character development that you would never want to miss out. Also, it has a well-equipped and well-furnished accommodation for the entire team.

Le Pondy- Located at a few kilometers distance from Chennai in Puducherry, the Le Pondy is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in southern India. It also happens to be the one and only historical resort in the entire area and offers some great luxury services to the people who come here in corporate groups or even individually.

Le Pondy

There are many more places near Chennai where the groups can spend some great time filled with fun and adventure, and most of them are located in Puducherry. These events are gaining much popularity and many more such places are growing at a rapid pace near the metropolitans. The resort also has a spa which provides soothing treatments from well-trained therapists that help ease the body and mind making it the favourable spot for couples.
The Windflower Resort, Puducherry
The multi-cuisine restaurant in the resort has an attached lounge for casual gatherings perfect for team bonding. What more? Soothing spa treatments await you, inspired by the Balinese school of massage.

VGP Golden Beach Resorts, Injambakkam
VGP Golden Beach Resorts situated in picturesque Injambakkam is one of the more well-known resorts in Chennai perfect for a team outing. The resort emanates its grander in a striking manner where all the rooms (65 in total) offer an impressive view of the beach. It’s a pure joy to wake up to the gratifying sounds of the birds chirping and the cool sea breeze softly tapping at your window. Being host to some of the unique settings, the resort also serves a variety of food options for the team members.

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