How can you roam the Philippines as Vegetarian

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Being a vegetarian and traveling the world usually do not go hand in hand. However, with a few tips, you can travel across the globe and be a vegetarian at the same time. Talking specifically about traveling to the Philippines there is no need for you to worry and there are a lot of steps that you can take so as to make your trip to the place as vegetarians more comfortable.

Prefer to stay in the urban areas

Finding a variety of food options is comparatively easy in urban areas than in rural areas. People in backward regions are specifically dependent on meant as a source of food. Having said this, it is clear that while planning your trip to the Philippines you must go in for exploring more of the urban regions that sticking to the rural areas for the most part of your trip. There will be a lot of restaurant options at places like Manila where you can easily find vegetarian food.

Opt for a variety of food

The Philippines is naturally well supplied with a plethora of fresh tropical fruits. Right from mouth-watering mangoes to the exotic dragon fruits, the Philippines has a literally wide range of fruit options available for you. So, if you are traveling to this place then you need not worry as you can easily feed on these fruits for a good amount of time without getting bored.

Try small restaurants

All of us try to go to the fancy restaurants totally avoiding the local small scale food joints and it is here that we go completely wrong searching for the right food. Usually, there are plenty of high shot restaurants around the place but few local shops and restaurants. While the former has plenty of food options for the non-vegetarians the latter one has a lot of options for vegetarians. Thus, you must not underestimate the food resources of these small shops for vegetarian travelers.

Highlight your needs

In case you are booking the vacation package from a travel agent then you ought to ensure that you tell them your food preferences. This way they will be able to search for you the hotels where the options for vegetarian food are diverse. Apart from this, you need to tell the servers at the restaurants about your food preferences in detail. At times, it so happens that the vegetarian dishes might not be mentioned on the menu but is actually available with the authorities on special demand. This implies that you should not solely depend on the menu that you are offered at the hotel.

All in all, these are few tips that can be of great help to vegetarians when they are on a trip to the Philippines. Not only for the Philippines, these tips can also be of great help when traveling to any part of the world that is more popular for non-vegetarian food, especially for seafood. Last but not least use Happy Cow!!

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