Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary – a place known for the most amazing Crococodilians!!

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Located near the magnetic Khajuraho temples and the very famous Panna national park, the Ken Ghariyal sanctuary is a very attractive tourist spot for the ones interested in the sightings of Ghariyal, an endangered family member of the crocodile family. Spread across the area of about 45 square kilometres the sanctuary happens to be located at the confluence of the Ken and Khudar River.  The popular tourist spot happens to be located in the Chatarpur district in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh.

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Reasons to Visit

  • There are ample reasons for having a visit at the place, the brightest one among them being the literal one itself, and the ghariyals. They look similar to crocodiles in many ways but there are certain things that set them apart from their cousins. One thing being, they are far less frightening. Well, only from the outside. They can be seen lying down in the sun, with closed eyes. One wonders whether they are alive at all. They just don’t move an inch while resting, and while on the lookout for the prey. Their patience is incredible while they await the perfect food to eat. They are majestic, they are fierce and they are beautiful. This is one enough reason to visit the Ken ghariyal sanctuary.
  • There are other animals that could be found here in their entire wilderness such as wild boars, deer and Nilgai. Other than that, the sightings of some rare and beautiful birds are also quite a common occurrence at the place.
  • One other reason to visit the place is the nearby attractions. The best among them all, the Khajuraho temples, a UNESCO world heritage site known for its wall carvings and beautiful artworks. The Panna national park is also there within a few hours distance.
  • The forests are well managed and preserved by the authorities. It offers a beautiful view of the Ken river. You can choose to do boating in the Ken river.
  • There is a place called Vulture Point situated into the park which can be seen via a safari If one wants to spot vultures. It’s a must place to visit, which seems like a gorge with forest in the background. Tigers,bears, and leopards are said to visit the bottom of the gorge because of the water resource here and it’s a delighted scene to watch.


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Ken Ghariyal sanctuary has done a great job in breeding the rare ghariyals on its own and however, the things aren’t as easy as they seem. They are trying their best to preserve one of the most endangered and beautiful species of reptiles that ever walked the planet. Visit Ken Ghariyal sanctuary and you’ll appreciate the work they are doing, for their love for the Ghariyals.

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How to Reach

Satna railway station happens to be the nearest to the place and the best medium to travel in case you were planning a trip here. Jhansi railway station is also a great option and coming out of the railway station, you can either take a bus or hire a taxi to the place. Khajuraho airport is the nearest airport to the place and the best time to visit is winters, when the ghariyals will be seen outside of their pools warming themselves up in the bright sun.

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Travel Tip

The place remains closed during the monsoons so the visitors are not advised to come here during the rainy seasons.

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