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Located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra and nestled among the Sahyadri Mountain ranges, Mahabaleshwar happens to be one of the most important and often underrated gems of a tourism place. There are numerous enchanting places one can visit in the city. A day is far less than enough to totally grasp in everything that the city has to offer. But still, if you are short on time, there is much you can do. Let us start exploring the place through our lens.

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Mahabaleshwar Eco POint

After the breakfast in the morning, you must visit the place the city has been named after, the Mahabaleshwar temple. The temple happens to be a great monument full of the architectural magic of the medieval era. The city is, however, full of many different temples dedicated to many different gods from the ancient Hindu mythology which you can visit. Mahabaleshwar Temple, Panchganga Mandir, Shankar Temple, Mahabaleshwar Shiv Mandir, Janni Mata Mandir, Shree Ganesh Mandir are some of the temples to check out. You may have to hurry as there are a lot more places to see during the one day tour.

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The next stop could be the Panchganga temple which happens to be around for more than 4500 years. The temple is known to be the origin of seven different rivers. Out of all of them, spring of five keeps flowing in the direction of the temple, hence the name Panchganga- Five Ganges.

Behind the Panchganga temple is the Krishnabai temple where the Krishna River gets worshiped, one of the seven rivers that emerge out of Panchganga. The temple was built in the year 1888 by the ruler of Ratnagiri on the Konkan coast. There is a beautiful Krishna statue in the premises along with a very old and beautiful Shiv Linga.

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Vena Lake and the elephant point are two more places which you can visit in case you still have the time left before the sun goes down. The elephant point is also known as the needle point. The name was given to it because it has two massive rocks with a hole in the middle. Thus, the needle point.

Mahabaleshwar Pachganaga

You can relish some of the most delicious cuisines from all over the country. Some of the best restaurants in Mahabaleshwar one should visit are Mapro, The Grapevine, The Olive Garden, Saayali Restaurant, Little Italy, Sizzler Place and much more. It’s a kind of food paradise visiting these places.

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mahabaleshwar Restaurant

How to reach there

The city is located at about a distance of 250 kilometers from the state capital of Mumbai and the railways are the roads are well connected to ensure a safe and sound journey to the place. The nearest airport to the place is the Mumbai international airport.

Mahabaleshwar happens to be a very ancient city, full of many old temples and monuments that remind one of the eccentric cultures and histories the city once had. Many different rulers, especially the Marathas, have given the city a lot to cherish which, in the present times are the biggest attractions of the city.

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