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Other than being the national capital, it can also be said that Delhi is the cultural and artistic capital of the country. Hundreds of small and big events take place here to promote art and culture. Ask any outsider and you will know that Delhiites are pure crazy for the music. Whether it is the romantic Bollywood music or the independent pop music, they will consume everything if it strikes a chord in them. No wonder why many national and international artists can’t ignore the capital to do their live shows and events. The happening nightlife of Delhi is somehow illuminated by these events and here are a few you must look forward to in the coming times.

Bacardi Club Nights- Organized regularly at the Nehru Place, right in the center of the city, Bacardi Club nights are electric events that take place yearly. Known as the ‘happiest’ music festival on the block, it’s an event full of loud music, booze and lots of flickering lights. Enough to take you on a psychedelic trip, these events are highly looked after. Who need drugs to get high now when you have the music at its very best? A must visit for the hardcore music lovers. Taking place on 26th August, Sid Vashi will be taking the charge to entertain the public.

Func Live beast- Krunk is known to organize such music nights regularly. Taking place at Hauz Khas, the upcoming event will have the guitarist, dub maestro and a master music producer Randolph Correia as the star of the night. Taking place on 26th August at the Antisocial, HKV, the entry charge is 300 per head with one drink free. The artist works multi-genres and you will have the time of your life. Do not miss this.

Sangeet Martand- Taking place at Kamani Auditorium on 13 September, this time it will be a celebration of the Indian classical music. Ustad Chand Khan will be leading the charge with his golden voice and several other artists will also be there to take the listeners to an all-time musical high. This is going to be the 23rd edition of the festival and like every time, the auditorium is expected to be full before time. So you need to act fast and book your tickets now.

Nightmare Live- Nightmare Live at Kitty Su, central Delhi will take place on 17th August; Tyler Marenyi is the hero of the night. Known as one of the pioneers in the electronic music scene in the world, he is known as the strongest competitor to the living legend Skrillex. The entry charge for females is 500 per head while the men may have to spend 1000 Rs to enter the place. Once the action begins, it will all be worth it.

Music heals the soul and takes you to the world you love and embrace. This variety can only be seen in Delhiites as they love the classic and western music alike. The greatest city in the country is a great host for the musicians from all walks of life.

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