Indore spreads awareness on social distancing- Installs a smart machine at the airport!

Posted on July 2, 2020 by

Indore airport

Indore came up with a unique way to ensure social distancing at the airport. A smart machine is a device that has artificial intelligence sensors to keep travelers aware of social distancing. 

Indore’s Devi Ahilyabai Holkar international airport is equipped with the smart machines that would ensure that the people moving inside the premises stay at the distance of 1 meter. It is an important initiative to move ahead with the precautionary vision to combat the recent COVID scenario. As per the latest reports, this machine has an in-built alarm that states cautions in Hindi and English languages. Important message display like ‘door rahiye, Surakshit rahiye’, is visible and audible.

Another statement by director Aryma Sanya brought to the notice that the machine is manufactured by a private firm. On June 24, BJP MP of Indore, Shankar Lalwani gave it a green flag with the inauguration. There are a few prospects of deploying these smart machines and the major one is to initiate awareness on COVID-19. Social distancing is the prime factor that can control the Coronavirus transmission and airport being the hub to it, the installation of such a device is a smart move. 

Although the full-fledged use of this machine is not done yet as it is run on an experimental basis. Airport authorities are using this machine presently only at the departure gate. Later on, there are plans to even install another machine at the arrival gate as well. If successful, there are plans to use such machines at countrywide major airports.

Along with good sanitization and thermal check-ups, airports need to be preventive about distancing in the crowd. The airport is the most critical location relating to COVID transmission. Just like Indore, it is high time that even other hotspots like Mumbai and Delhi should wake up to aggressive precautionary actions against this life-threatening disease.

 State governments of the country are figuring out the ways to deal with the spread of this pandemic and managing the travelers from inter-state is serving as the biggest challenge. With smart machines and alert people, there is a hope to combat this problem reasonably. 

Indore has recorded the highest number of Corona cases in Madhya Pradesh. As a result, such an initiative can be a good start to prevent further spread of this pandemic. Indore is known nationwide for its cleanliness but facing some tough time after the impact of this outbreak. By the way, Indore is also a favorite destination for foodies!