Online registration system for tourism in Jammu and Kashmir to start soon

Posted on February 19, 2021 by

In order to bring back tourism, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has reopened its online registration system. Its been reported that the Tourism, Culture, Youth Services, and Sports Secretary, Sarmad Hafiz has finally restarted the online service after clicking on the button and lending the registration to two tourism unitholders. Often termed as Heaven on Earth, Jammu and Kashmir have been some of the most visited destinations in the country.
This user–friendly, dynamic website expects that it will smoothen the registration process to a great level. But what is this online registration portal and how is tourism related to it?
The online registration system is actually for a tourism unit holder, who for the registration of his or her unit can apply with the Department of Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. The registration is basically made under the Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Trade Act, 1978/2011. All you are required to do is to log into the website and submit all the documents required according to the published checklist.
After your registration is complete, your documents shall be critically examined by the concerned authorities. After that, there shall be an inspection. And then you shall be finally issued the registration certificate.
In order to safeguard the interest of the people traveling to this state, the registration procedure is accomplished. It is the sole responsibility of the registration wing of the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department to enforce the provision of this act. It is for these travel units such as Travel Agencies, Dealers, and Hotels that the registration process is done.