People travelling from Kerala to Karnataka are strictly required to produce a negative Covid-19 report Inbox

Posted on February 18, 2021 by

Due to the rise in the number of Covid – 19 cases in Karnataka, the state government has made it mandatory to follow stringent Covid – 19 testing measures for the ones traveling from Kerala. According to the news, those arriving from Kerala shall be asked to produce proof of negative RT – PCR certificate that has been done within 72 hours.
It has also been stated by the state government that people traveling from international countries to Karnataka are also liable to produce a negative RT – PCR report, follow Covid – 19 protocols, irrespective of their Covid – 19 vaccination status.
It has also been reported that it is now made mandatory for people traveling from Brazil and South Africa to Karnataka to have a RT – PCR test, and will also have to be quarantined for a fortnight if two or more variants of Covid-19 cases are being identified in these countries.
According to health department, the samples of the tests that are to be done on the quarantined people would be sent to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences for genome sequencing.
As of now, people on arrival at the Bengaluru airport are strictly required to have their RT-PCR test done, irrespective of the Covid – 19 status that they have done before taking the flight.
Even after remaining quarantined for two weeks, the discharged person is required to have a couple of tests done through RT-PCR, taken at an interval of 24 hours.
Furthermore, if there is a group of five or more Covid – 19 cases in hostels, educational institutions, or in residential areas, the places shall be marked as ‘containment zones’, by the local health authorities, and special surveillance measures shall be put into action.