Planning A Spiti Valley Trip Requires You To Adhere To These Strict Guidelines

Posted on February 19, 2021 by

As the destination decides to reopen its gate for further tourism from February 17 onwards, a trip to Spiti might be on your radar soon. A statement released by the Spiti Tourism Society stated that hoteliers, panchayats, travel agents, Mahila manuals, and community leaders have jointly come to a decision to reopen the valley for tourism. Further stating that, as the valley remained devoid of any sort of tourism for the past year, the region is now looking forward to welcoming its guests.
 However, the order comes with a strict set of guidelines to be adhered to by all the concerned tourists. Traveling during such a pandemic time might be a bit tricky and that’s why it is the sole responsibility of every traveler to make sure that a vacation does not have any adverse effect on the natural surrounding or on humanity in any sense. The below-mentioned guidelines must be strictly kept in mind :
1. Tourists are barred from entering Khibber village and Khibber wildlife habitat, as the village has restrained itself from hosting any traveler at this point of time.
2. It is the responsibility of the tour operators to ensure that all the travelers heading to Spiti have their RAT/RT- PCR test is done from the concerned lab/hospital. The test needs to be done 72 to 96 hours before reaching the destination.
3. People traveling to Spiti independently, including drivers need to report to a government hospital for a rapid test.
4. Hotels and homestays have been given the responsibility to ensure that their guests have been tested before venturing outdoor.
5. Social distancing must be maintained at any cost, and individuals are expected to wear masks outside their rented accommodation.
Last but not the least, the safety of the whole lot must be ensured at all levels.