Ayodhya- Upcoming big bid as a tourist spot after the construction of Ram Mandir

Posted on December 4, 2020 by

Ayodhya might witness a sudden spike in the tourist flooding from all over the country and even foreign locations after the significant verdict is out on Ram Mandir. Supreme Court rolled out the epic judgment after which the disputed land got clearance for the construction of Ram Mandir. Devotees from all over the country are awaiting the new Ram Dham where they can worship their deity with gratitude and faith. Ram Temple construction would also open new horizons of earnings and prospects for localities from the tourism industry. 

As per a report, the existing Ram Temple in Ayodhya is already getting more than 3 million visitors every year from several parts of the country. After the work gets completed, the numbers might hike up invariably. To your knowledge, almost 7000 devotees are already offering prayers at the temple premises every day. 

District Magistrate of Ayodhya, Anuj Jha stated that “Ayodhya has a good potential to become a big tourist spot. The district administration has already received a fund of about INR 400 crore to develop the airport here. We are in the process of acquiring land for this purpose”. 

‘Bharat Milap’ Temple in the premises- An epic meeting of Lord Ram with his brother during exile from Ayodhya

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is in full swing to construct a resplendent location at the temple town named after ‘Bharat Milap’. And the Yogi Adityanath led government is in full support to create the most prominent sacred spot of North India. Modi Government recently sanctioned a whopping sum of Rs. 100 Crore to refurbish the Ayodhya Railway station. This itself is big news that indicates the preparation of Ram Mandir and its grandeur. 

Speculation at the recent rumors also bought to light that a 13- Kilometre long corridor is under a proposal with a cruise at the Sarayu river. Big hotel brands are putting their hands to upscale the whole place with several exotic boutique hotels and stay locations. 

Recently, Business Today came up with the reports that the tourism industry is about to see a big spike soon after the verdict of the Supreme Court. Many big names are making initial investments in the tourism sector to promote business activity in that area. A local shop owner near the temple, Girish Kshetrapal stated that the construction of Ram Mandir is going to open up new avenues in the tourism industry. Also, the valuation of properties nearby might rise after the construction of the temple. 

Spiritual Tourism is a significant contributor to Domestic Tourism.

India is well-known for its cultural heritage, and restoring mythology also aids in nurturing the growth of tourism. A dedicated programme launched in 2015 under National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Heritage Augmentation Drive (PRASHAD) scheme by the government aimed at nurturing tourism here. 

Tourists and devotees are impatient to visit Ayodhya and witness the auspicious location to worship their Lord Rama in full fling. It is a prominent spot that was under a long debate for several decades and finally got devotees got the verdict in their favor. Ayodhya holds a good potential of fetching international tourism as well. Keeping this in mind, the government already dedicated the funding of Rs. 400 Crore for airport development over here. And the authorities are already undergoing a process of land acquisition for this purpose. 

Another report also stated about the Ram Nagri project implementation that comprises of a 251 m statue of Lord Rama. Sanction of Rs. 500 crore is out for this purpose. 

Overall, the entire Ayodhya is undergoing a massive revamp after the declaration of Ram Mandir construction. It is worth a wait to witness the grandeur of Ram Mandir and its majesty!