Orchha the capital of the lost kings

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Located right in the center of the country, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha is one jewel of a little town. A simple one and half an hour drive from the Jhansi Railway station will bring you to the place. It is full of devotional places for the Hindus thanks to the Bundela kings who ruled the place for a very long time. The man who established the town is known by so many names that people are unsure about his real name but there are folk tales about the man that makes him quite a legendary historical figure in the place. The legends say that he, in an attempt to save a cow from a lion, lost his own life. But he stayed alive in the folk songs of the locales.


Orchha means ‘hidden’ and there are many stories surrounded around the town about how it got its name. There are many different legends related to the city as well. It contains so much history in itself that it is impossible to ignore it. But that exactly is what that is happening. The town remains unknown on the map.


The first thing that grabs the eyeballs once you enter the beautiful town here is the countless number of the tombstones which are here since the 17th and 18th century. They serve more as the memorials of lost kings and queens of the bygone era than the actual tombs where they were buried. Nevertheless, they give out a great glimpse of the time and the way that those people lived and how they were so accomplished artists that it seems like just a dream that any architect today could even come close. The analogy can be made with the pyramids, which were made just to glorify the dead.

Some of the structures belong to the bygone Bundela dynasty, where the kings usually honored their comrades by erecting some structures in their memories. They had their own brand of rugged beauty and most of them are located beside the river Betwa. They are beautiful, if not pretty. The Bundela rulers were quite notorious among the population, but it seems like they did have some great eye for visual aesthetics. Among all those, there was one belonged to Vir Singh Deo which seems like a solid piece of art.


Moving on, there are basically two places that reek of the magnificent grandeur and elegance, the Raja Mahal and the Jahangir Mahal. These two palaces are located right next to each other and provide an eccentric display of the technical and artistic finesse of both the moguls and the Bundelas. On the inside, they even look more mysterious and enchanting. The several bed chambers, fountains and other usual trappings are all there. The walls depict the painting of the Hindu gods and Goddesses. The Jahangir Mahal is even more of a marvel than the Raja Mahal. Both these Mahals along with the Rai Parveen Mahal are collectively known as Orchha Fort.


How to reach Orchha

Here are the most convenient ways to reach Orchha. Instead of Orchha, you can board your flight to Gwalior Airport on the regular basis. The distance between Gwalior and Orchha is 120 km. You can take the train from Gwalior to Orchha, however, no regular trains are there from other major cities to Orchha. The nearest train station is Barwa Sagar. It is important to know that Orchha does not have a bus stand. The nearest option is Jhansi.

If you wish to reach this beautiful place, not a thing to worry as people can opt for airways as Gwalior airport is located 120 km away from the place. Numerous private and Government Transport bus services also provide the services to reach Orchha conveniently.

Travel Tip

The winter season is perhaps the best season to visit Orchha. October, November, December, January, February, and March are the ideal months to visit Orchha. The temperature remains comfortable for tourists and is apt for exploring the places of interest in Orchha. Also, try to arrive here in the spring. The place is at its best with the lustful trees and blossoming flowers all around.


There are many other attractions over here to keep the tourists entertained for a few weeks at least. The Jhansi Fort, the Orchha wildlife sanctuary, and the Laxmi Narayan temple are a few among many places that one can visit in Orchha.  

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