Pandal Hopping in CR Park

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Durga Puja is here and we #ghoomophirosisters could not resist ourselves hopping the best pandals in Delhi. We understand this is more than a puja, in fact, its pure emotion. This is one festival when Bengalis across India goes into a frenzy and showcase their best in the form of pandals. whole of India the whole of Bengal goes into a frenzy with the coming of Mother Goddess, and there are a lot of emotions attached to this festival. 

We are sure, watching this video will inspire you to drive to CR park definitely.

The whole affair starts with shopping for each day, and then with the coming of puja, it turns into a celebration like no other. On Saptami, we decided to start pandal hopping from C R Park which is famously the capital’s mini-Kolkata, where there were life-size pandals with different themes. Some pandal committees like to keep it traditional and very native, where-as others brought a sense of uniqueness to their idols and sculptures and over-all pandal. 

The first one was at Kali Bari, the ground where all Durga idols are being made. Our timing was perfect, as they just started with Durga aarti. We can hear the dhakis and the conch shells which are integral to Durga Puja. The ground was filled with a lot of eateries and shopping items. On the menu for bhog, this year dishes which will include Bengali delicacy Khichuri made with Gobindo Bhog rice and Soona moong dal(from Kolkata), Beguni, Laabra( Mixed veg) Payesh, Veg chop, Fried rice, Aloo Gobi, Shahi paneer, Sweets, Halwa, etc. are being prepared.

Another pandal in Chittaranjan Park is by Cooperative Ground Durga Puja Samiti, which is celebrating its 44th year of the Durga Puja festival with the Theme – Commemorating the Birth Centenary of two Legends of Indian Music, Hemanta Mukherjee, and Manna Dey, showcasing their work and their immense contribution towards Indian Cinema, Art and Culture. This is one of the most award-winning pandals from CR park. We could also witness Dhunuchi Nritya at this pandal.

Then we moved to K Block.

Then we moved to P block, this was our spontaneous find, while we were going back to M block. The whole pandal was based on the bamboo theme.

Most of the pandals are eco-friendly this year, as part of which an artificial pond has been made to immerse the idol. Cultural Nights are the main attractions of these Puja Pandals. The nearest metro station to reach CR park is GK M Block. Also, if you are driving, make sure, you park your cars at GK M Block. 

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