Photo Blog : Kunzum Mata Temple, Spiti

Posted on July 15, 2020 by

Kunzum Mata

As we ghoomophirosisters were on the journey from Manali to Kaza, we stopped for a while at Kunzum Mata temple at Kunzum Pass. Be it bike drivers, or the locals, basically, anyone passing through the Kunzum pass stops and take blessings from Mata for their treacherous journey ahead as the roads are definitely very tricky.

Needless to say, the colorful flags and the vibrant colors of the mandir are indeed a breath of fresh air as during the entire trip only three colors viz Brown, white and blue are common.

There is a big black stone that lies inside the temple, and as per the legendry fable behind this temple. It is believed, if you pray with complete faith and put the coin on the stone, your wishes are fulfilled and the coin will stick to the stone, else it will not. Important to note that stone is not a magnet stone.

Kunzum Mata

Another legendary story says, once a thief stole this tone and ran away, but on the way, stone increased its size and thief could not run with it.

Whatever may be the reason, but the Kunzum Mata temple makes you feel empowered and energized.

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