Photo Essay : Quirky Messages Behind the Truck

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Himadri Garg, the photographer amongst the #ghoomophirosisters decided to capture the quirky messages that we often see behind the trucks on Indian roads, whenever we are on road trip. Here is her collection of some of those captures. We are sure, you will not be able to control your laughter while reading them through. These messages convey their sense of humor and innocence at the sam time.


Can you notice small plate that says Sherni Gurjar ki”, meaning owner considers his truck as the Lioness.


Wondering what do two trucks passing by talk to each other?


Quite Philosphical – Think what will go with you, when you will die.


Both the owners seems philosphical and echo similar sentiments.


Owner seems to be ardent lover of his mother and strongly believes in her mother’s blessings.



Owner doesn’t trust people;) And he thinks moment you trust people, they betrays you.


He thinks, India is Great!!- True Patriotism



Lst but not least, he warns the people around, if you will stay in your limits, you will be happy.

Do tell us in comments, if you came across such witty messages around.

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