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Pizza Express is conveniently located on the third floor of Ambience Mall. Moving up the elevator, it is the first restaurant you’ll see. We went there one Sunday afternoon and though there were many places to dine nearby, we decided to give Pizza Express a try, because we love pizza. And honestly, who doesn’t? The place provides you with the familiarity of Pizza but with unique artisanal styles and a variety of toppings. Though, you should interact with your server about how it tastes so you don’t end up ordering the wrong thing.
Ambiance: The place is so spacious and beautiful during daytime with great lights and hanging birds on top. We were given a warm welcome on our arrival and escorted to our table. We got to see the pizza being baked before we were served. It is a nice place for a casual hang-out with friends.



Menu: There are many options for crusts and toppings available. Though the options for non-vegetarians are wider than those of the vegetarians, we decided to give them both a try. And apart from Pizzas, they offer other Italian cuisines as well. There were options for Pasta, Lasagna, Dough balls and one can’t help but order cheesecake for desert. The Menu is well classified and there is the good range of options.

Food: The mushroom and Emilgrana dip with dough balls made way for our taste buds to start tingling. The Melazante piccante is a must try pizza for everyone who visits. It is a beautifully baked pizza with the abundance of mozzarella, spicy marinated aubergines, and jalapeno. It is just the right amount of cheesy and crunchy. We also ordered ‘The American’ and garlic bread. The American Pizza was an 11-inch pizza that gets you your money’s value and is light on the stomach but Piccante was the highlight of that dining experience. The garlic bread was warm and buttery and by that time we were already filled. Yet, we ordered the dessert anyway. Glad that we did because the cheesecake was heavenly. So smooth on your tongue and the texture is amazing. We had ordered a gin and tonic which was expensive yet tasted totally random. So the beverages are not recommended but it is the best place for Italian food. The thin crust pizza and dough balls are highly recommended.


Highlights: The staff is really helpful and nice. They greet you with a warm smile as soon as you enter. Melzante Piccante Pizza is something I would love to go back for. If you go to Pizza Express, surely try this. There are happy hours for getting a free drink on the order of one and special discounts on group dining.

Verdict: Everything we tried was delicious and we really had no complaints. The place is a little expensive but all good things are. So, the next time we start craving Pizzas and hope to make a small dent in our pockets, we know where to go. We’ll give it a total of 4 out of 5 stars.

Address: T-303B, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Going Again: We have yet to try other dishes on their menu like the Apollo Pizza, Tomato Pesto, Ginger Fresca and for that, we will be going there again.
Cost: ₹2,000 for two people (approx.) and ₹230 for a pint of beer (approx.) They accept cash and cards.

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