Places where you can indulge in team sports in Pune

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To discover an enthralling paradise and a peaceful retreat with your team, Pune is one of the best highlights. It lets you indulge in a lot of adventurous activities and enriching moments. So why wait? Take a day or two away from work and head off from Pune to taste some fun. Below are some of the things you can do in Pune as a team.

Corporate Day Outing and Team Building activities near Pune

The day begins with your arrival at Golewadi at around 10.30 am. The much-needed break from corporate life begins here. Following, allocation into smaller groups, engage in Raft Building and compete with your opponents.

Embark on the breathtaking river-crossing at the Dhom Dam, and indulge in a delicious lunch for a change.

Participate in team building activities like Australian Plank, Egyptian Walk, Bomb in the City, Caterpillar Walk, and 3D Pool with colleagues for enriching moments.

Kamath Residency Resort- Located right next to the very famous Alibaug beach, the resort is a pure fun place to hang out with your office mates. Raigad fort is also quite nearby to serve the history enthusiasts quite well. There are a few beaches around the place and a lot of other places which can prove to be great for some refreshments and sightseeing. This retreat offers the much-required change for the corporate team with a host of activities such as white water river-rafting on the River Kolad, It offers adventure activities such as ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling, rifle shooting, water sports and sightseeing for guests.

Della Resorts- Situated in Lonavala, a great picturesque location and one of the most important tourist attractions in the state, Della resorts is another superb place to satisfy your cravings for some unadulterated fun. There are more than 100 adventurous and fun activities which can be performed in groups. A restaurant, a coffee shop and other symbols of convenience are also there. Its an iconic place to bond with your colleagues over several adventure games be it on land, water or in the air. Chase adventure sports activities like zorbing , ziplining, bungee jumping, treasure hunt, and keep the fun going with several rides that will blow your mind away. The Della Adventure Resort is unquestionably one of the best resorts for the corporate outing in Pune.

Della Resorts

Empower camp- Kolad has this wonderful camp where office and the college groups can be seen crowding the place almost all the time. The place is located at a very short distance from Mumbai and Pune and a great place to release the clustered stress due to the insane working hours. Sumptuous Buffet meals are just add ons to the services that are made available for the visitors. The camp is the perfect option to immerse in unlimited fun, thrill, and enthusiasm with activities like raft building and rafting.

Empower camp

Water Rappelling and Trekking in Lonavala- One other super fun activity that could be done in Lonavala is the trekking and waterfall rappelling. The trek will begin at 9 in the morning and will take you through some great locations and adventurous spot to tickle the risky bones inside you. Lonavala is one of the most picturesque hill stations in the entire country and trekking in here is a mind blowing experience. The waterfalls which cascade down the ridges of Sahyadri Ranges offer charming views of the valley below. One can indulge in climbing up the forest trails and rappel down with a harness through the refreshing falls.


Adventure Plus- One of the most popular spots for team outings near Pune and the biggest adventure camp in the entire country, the Adventure plus is the perfect place to spend a good day at. Very nice accommodations are provided to the visitors and a host of services along with the great visuals is the highlight of this wonderful camp. The site offers numerous water activities right from Hydro Bike rides, Kayaking, Paddle Boating, Paddle Caddie, Water Ball to water inflatable sports. Air based activities comprise aero modelling and zip lining. Group activities comprise army obstacle course, excursions, forest walk, paintball and treasure hunt.

Tapola River Camp- Also known as Mini Kashmir, the Tapola river camp is located near the great tourist destination Mahabaleshwar. The comfort and enjoyment factor is quite high in this one and it offers some great fun activities to do in teams. The madness and stress from the tiring work routine takes a backseat here as the groups enjoy themselves to their fullest.


Water scooter rides, kayaking or swimming, you can enjoy a horde of activities as you soak in the natural beauty of the region. In addition, there are several tourist destinations in the vicinity of the resort which are perfect for sightseeing and trekking trips. The adventure begins here at Tapola. It serves as the base camp for several trekking trails.

Team outings are important on so many levels. For one, they give a chance to the employees to connect on a wider level outside their small offices. Also, the productivity increases as the manpower goes to spend some quality times in the arms of nature.


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