Rajdhani at Scindia House, Connaught Place serves authentic Rajasthani flavours on your plate

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Located right in the heart of the city in New Delhi, Rajdhani is one popular restaurant that primarily serves Indian meals. The very famous chain has their restaurants in most of the big cities in the country and they mostly serve the food in thalis. However, strangely enough, more than the food, it was the service provided by the staff that impressed us. All in all, it was a great experience dining in a place as such.


Rajdhani is located at Scindia House, Connaught Place in New Delhi and being a pocket-friendly restaurant, it costs about 900 INR for two people.


The place has a very suitable ambiance for the families to sit together and enjoy some time together while eating some of the most brilliant food. The best thing is that the place has a welcoming ambiance and the way they welcome you in is heart warming. You feel special and important to the staff. The waiters can be seen in ethnic uniforms. The service is quite fast even during house full hours which make you fall in love with the place even more.  The chairs and tables are perfectly lined up which somehow seems a bit more formal, but all clean and tidy. The crowd, however, makes the vibe a little bit noisy in the peak hours, but it all seems worth it somehow. Overall, the ambiance is quite a simple one and comfortable. The restaurant could try with some renovation.



Specializing mostly in the Indian food, that too Gujarati and Rajasthani, the place may look like the menu lacks lots of choices. But as it happens to be the case, there are enough options in the menu that would make you really really happy. We ordered a Rajasthani thali. Being fans of that, we had tasted the same in a number of places. Everywhere, we experienced a different flavor, which naturally varies from place to place.


An army of waiters started to come in filling our thalis with one food item at a time. It all started with buttermilk first. Starting with buttermilk the waiters served us a delicious thali which had Daal Bati, choorma, kadhi, daal, masala daal and gate ki sabzi. The kadhi had a slightly sweet taste yet every bit of it was delicious. The daal bhaati choorma is the best you can have anywhere in the city. It was followed by bread, roti and butter/ghee. The varieties of roti also included the bajre ki roti. The khichdi served with ghee was also a lip smacking dish.

The large variety of sumptuous various flavors on just one plate make the experience truly distinct from other places. The entire meal was a pretty mixture of sweet and sour, spicy and fresh. It was satisfying to its core and in the end, the Gulab Jamuns we had as desserts were amazing.


The biggest highlight about the place had to be the impeccable service that they believe in. Despite the fact that the place was filled up to its neck, we were always attended promptly by the well trained and well-spoken staff of waiters. Before the meal, we got a brass surahi, a sort of water container and a bowl to help us wash our hands. The place is crowded, especially in the peak hours, so it’s better to make the reservations in advance to avoid the unwanted hassle. Other than that, it’s a great experience.

If you visit during the hot and humid summer weather, you will be served a glass of salty chaach which is so tempting and a savior in the hot weather.

The Verdict

Offering traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines, the place is a gem for Thali lovers. Not to miss, Rajdhani has branches PAN India.

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