Rajkot: A Shopaholic Paradise For All

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Rajkot shopping

Here we are with a list of top 8 shopping destinations in Rajkot where you are sure to get everything you want.

  1.  Gujari Bazar

Gujari Bazar is a perfect location for traditional shopping where you can buy exquisite Gujarati handloom as well as artifacts. Not to forget, this market is popular for the Bandhani Sarees., so if you are fond of sarees then you cannot skip visiting this lace.

  1. Gundawadi

Gundawadi is a one-stop destination for the budget shoppers where you will not be able to locate branded stores. The market is well known for traditional fabrics and garments where you can buy the charming traditional attires at a reasonable price.

  1. Crystal Mall

Crystal Mall is one place where you can go for shopping irrespective of draining rains or scorching sun. Here you are sure to find all the branded stores. It finds a decent location at the much busy Kalawad Road. The multiplex and Food Court in the mall fulfills your entertainment and hunger needs as well.

  1. Dr. Yagnik Road

Dr. Yagnik Road is yet another fabulous place for shopping. Today there are umpteen shops in the market unlike a few years back when there were just a handful of shops. Today you can also find malls in Rajkot City. Options Mall is a shopping retreat offering plenty of options to the shoppers. You can also find some gift shops as well as garment stores here.

Yagnik Road

  1. Bangdi Bazaar

Bangdi Bazaar is one of the best market places to buy bangles. Also, it is one of the oldest shopping places in Rajkot. It is characterized by the narrow lanes as well as cul-de-sac alleys. Here you can find not only superb bangles but also pretty dupattas, beadworks as well as embroidered fabric. It is also a conventional market for gold and silversmiths. This is one place where you can bring your bargaining skills to use and get your bags full in really less money.

Bangdi Bazaar

  1. Ravivari Bazar

 As the name suggests, this market is open only on Sundays in Rajkot streets. Here you can buy things that are new and also the ones that are used or say old. Ranging from clothes and bags to furniture and home décor, you can expect to buy almost everything here. This is Gujarat’s cheapest live cloth auction. Here sellers and the buyers come to trade the products in bulk at wholesale prices. The market goes live on Sunday mornings in a specific street in Rajkot. 

  1. Dharmendra Road

Dharmendra Road is one place where you can find almost everything that you need. Here you find ample shops offering traditional as well as western apparel apart from footwear and other things like suitcases. Apart from these shops, there is also a supermarket at Dharmendra Road from where native people usually purchase groceries as well as other home stuff.

  1. Dhebar Road

It is not just bangles and bandhani for which Rajkot is popular, it is also well known for Meenakari art furniture. Here you can find awesome brass as well as ceramic industries and infinite furniture shops on the Dhebar Roa. All these shops offer for sale brilliant brass and wooden temples that are decorated with beautiful yet intricate Meenakari art. To those who are not aware of the Meenakari art, let us tell you that it is basically a form of art where metal surfaces are infused plus ornamented with intricate colorful designs. The fabulously carved furniture available at shops on Dhebar Road is a treat to the eyes of all.

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