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To get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we attempt at planning a quick getaway with an opportunity to avail a stay at one of the finest places. If you also have similar fantasies then we would recommend you booking your stay at Mud Fort Kuchesar Heritage Hotel. Not only will you be able to enjoy a cozy stay with your loved ones but you will also get an opportunity to get back in time and explore ancient India. Here we are with details on Mud Fort Kuchesar Heritage Hotel so as to help you plan a perfect stay.

Origin and history

The Mud Fort is one of the fanciest legacy lodgings that is located in the picturesque Kuchesar. This is a stunning fortress that acted as the seat for the Jat Kingdom of Uttar Pradesh. It traces its origin back to the mid-eighteenth century since then it has been fabulously safeguarded and thereafter altered into a legacy lodging that stupendously stands out of the crowd in incredible India. Lodging Mud Fort Kuchesar preserves certain traits from the times of British reign and continues to operate with the conventional Indian belief that goes as follows,“Atithi Devo Bhava”. The saying means that guests are considered next to God and therefore are treated with utmost dignity and respect.

Location and distance

One thing among many that make this Mud Fort Kuchesar lodging different from others in the nation is its amazing locations. It peacefully sits amidst the mesmerizing views of the fields of the Ganga bowl. Visitors to the lodging are exposed to the tinge of Exotic India exposing them to the bygone eras that preserve a lot of things about the once golden bird. It offers an insight into the rich cultural heritage that India once enjoyed and to a great extent continues to enjoy still. The great thing about the fort is that it is at a traceable distance from Delhi, that is, just nearly 2 hours from Delhi which means that it is surely a quick getaway from Delhi.

The food at Inn Mud Fort 

Mouth-watering dishes are served to the guests directly from the regal and authentic kitchen at the eating joint of the Hotel Mud Fort Kuchesar. The eatery the fort is beautifully designed and has an indoor seating arena replete with the tinge of vintage vibes. It is in itself a mesmerizing experience. There is also a lit yard where guests can grab the opportunity of enjoying supper.

Lodging Mud Fort facilitates gatherings

For conference and meeting, you can go in for booking the corridor at Hotel Mud Fort Kuchesar that is well-spaced and organized to hold such meetings and gatherings. You also have access to the services of the helpful staff if you so desire.


Activities at Mud Fort Kuchesar

Among plenty of activities that you can try here in the fort, one that takes you back in time is a ride on the Bullock Cart. It lends you the majestic touch of rustic India. Other activities include cycling and campfire in addition to exploring the town visit and touring. You can also opt for indoor recreations as well as swimming exercises that make your stay all the cozier and filled with warmth.

To avail the best prices for this priceless experience it is always suggested to make bookings ahead of time. The courteous staff at the lodging will help you in every possible way while you get to enjoy the charm and magic of the place.

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