The Art of Negotiating in India

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The Indian market has its own taste of shopping. Just like the diversity of Indian culture, diversity is prevalent in shopping experiences too. You may never feel satisfied even after you have negotiated enough with the shopkeeper. It may seem to you later- “Oh! I could have got this at a lower price”. This is because the product price that they quote in the beginning may be 2x, 4x or even 8x.


They may sense your know-how about the product and its quality (what they generally excuse at) and your willingness to buy that product. You have to possess a good negotiating skill to be a perfectly happy customer. There are certain things that you need to be cautious about to be a smart customer. Don’t get too excited over seeing a product or at least a seller should not be aware of your interest. Keep your attitude casual as if you are just checking it out like the normal ones. When you are asking for a price, try to judge his mind especially if you have no idea of the actual prices.

  1. Try to give a look as if the prices he quoted sounds crazy. The seller would start to lower the price and you should wait to let him go as low as possible. Now it’s your turn to start negotiating (Note that you have not negotiated yet). Try negotiating as much as you can. After you are done with it, ask him smartly- “What is your best price now”? This leaves a scope for further negotiation if still left any. You can even try to walk off just to show him and get a better price.
  2. Buy as much as you can as they can offer you even less for high quantity. When buying in bulk, still adopt the same strategy of negotiating with a single quantity. Now ask him what more discounts he can offer if you buy in bulk. You can also play on round off figures after the total in 50’s and 100’s. 😛
  3. “Don’t shy away from negotiating”. They are looking for those ignoramus people who can pay them the higher price. It’s like they are demanding prices to laugh on you at your back. They don’t feel bad selling it at very high prices, then why should you care about what people will think if you start negotiating.
  4. Remember don’t appoint this negotiating style everywhere. Firstly encounter that the shop is not a fixed price shop. It may help you to avoid unnecessary bargaining at certain places like restaurants, ice cream parlors, stationery, etc.
  5. If you are a regular visitor to a shop, and he offers you a great deal, you can offer them to keep the change to let them know that you appreciated it.

Where to Bargain?

For the best bargains, visit Brigade Road and MG Road in Bangalore. Also, bargaining is a common sight at the New Market in Kolkata, Sarojini Nagar Market, Lajpat Nagar Main Market and Karol Bagh market in New Delhi.

So unless you a have a lot of money to spare refrain from paying the price the seller asks for the first time. Haggling is a common practice in a country like India and permitted even at shops flaunting “No Bargaining” sign. So learn the art of bargaining soon and shop till you drop!

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  • i don’t know how to use this trick but its seems really interesting when i see other to do bargaining.

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