The Beautiful City of Mosques “Samarkand”

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The alluring city of Samarkand is one of the ancient cities of the world. It is assumed that this historic town is more than 25 centuries old, as Rome, Athens, and Babylon. For many thousand years, the beautiful town of Samarkand has carried with it an ambiance filled with exotic mysterious and romantic beauty. This magnificent land has made an eminent position across the world and is famed as“Gem of the East”.
Samarkand is the city of Great People. Many centuries ago, when Alexander the Great for the first time landed in the place, he said, he heard that the city was beautiful, but he never thought that it could be so beautiful and awe-inspiring.


The indistinguishable beautiful town is located in the valley of the river Zarafshan in Uzbekistan.

The prosperous history of Samarkand dates back to the time of Alexander the Great, which is about more than 2,750 years old. It has been conquered by many great conquerors in the past, starting from Alexander the Great, the Arabians, Genghis-Khan and lastly Tamerlane. So, the Samarkand has a blend of culture, which includes the fine combination of Iranian, Indian, Mongolian and a bit of the Western and Eastern cultures.

Things to do in Samarkand

Mouth-watering local cuisine at Platan!!!

The Platan is one of the most loved restaurants of Samarkand, which is famous for its luscious mouth-watering cuisine, which includes Arabian-, Thai- and Egyptian-style meat dishes is no less appealing to travelers to dine in. Beautifully designed interior, charismatic ambiance, gorgeous summer terrace and adding on to delicious food, Platan offers you a full package of happiness.

Alluring Registan!!

The charismatic view of Registan is the most famed destination among tourist for sightseeing. The vast extent of Registan possesses the amazing complex of three Madarshah, which is preserved very carefully since long. The rich history if this majestic sculpture dates back to the time of 15th century to 17th century. The Ulugbek Madarshah is the oldest among all. This beautiful monument was constructed during the rule of Timur Lame’s, and it was finished under the rule of Ulugbek. The Second one is Sher-dor Madarshah, which is beautifully designed in Egyptian style, it allured with majestic mosaic. Between the two is stunning Tilla-Kari Madarshah. Best time to visit this place is during sunrise when the whole monuments are bathed in magical golden rays of the sun.

Graveyard of Timurlane dynastyGur-E-Amir Mausoleum”
The Timurlane along with his son and grandson Ulugbek is resting in peace beneath the tomb. It is the beautiful place to explore in Samarkand. It is among the finest sculpture of Islamic Realm.


The Shah-i-Zinda.

The huge complex of Shah-i-Zinda surrounded by many mausoleums, which are built early 11th, 12th and 14th centuries. It is one of the significant place and Muslim Pilgrimage of Samarkand. Many great people of that era lie beneath the tomb, including the cousin of Prophet.


Shopping at Tashkent Street, Samarkand.

The Charming shopping street between Registan square and a Siab market is the best place to shop. You can buy traditional clothes, jewelry, and crafted goodies and last not the least you can also enjoy the delicious street food.

How to reach

The Tashkent International airport is the nearest international airport to Samarkand. The travelers can book their tickets for Tashkent and further Uzbekistan has well-developed transport facilities. The tourist can either choose air, train or bus heading to Samarkand from Tashkent.

Travel Tip

The best time to visit Samarkand is during spring and Autumn Season, at this time of the year climate is quite pleasant.
If you ever desired to look back to the era, when Alexander was ruling the whole world. Then Samarkand is the right option to choose as your next travel destination. Take out some time from your busy life and travel back to the time of when various human civilization was budding in different parts of the world.

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