Top 20 Must Visited Places In Diu 

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Diu finds a beautiful location amidst the crystal clear blue waters of the fabulous Arabian Sea. Since ages, it has been used as a trade route and in history, it holds great importance for being an ancient trade route. It is well supplied with stunning beaches, historical monuments as well as the memorials that let you travel back in time. There are plenty of places that tourists can visit here without getting tired or bored. In case you are planning a visit to this beautiful place then let us tell you that you need to have ample days at your disposal if you want to explore the place in depth. You may come to the place with your heart full of burden and your soul completely exhausted but when you leave the place, your body and mind are completely rejuvenated and you are ready to go back to a normal routine with full energy and warmth. So that you do not miss out on any important must-visit places in the city, we have compiled for you a list of almost all the important places that you need to explore.

  1.  Naida Caves

These are basically man-made rock modifications by the Portuguese having umpteen interlinked areas replete with square-shaped hewn staircases. These are around 3 km distant from the main city. You can visit these between 10 AM to 2 PM and the entry to the caves is free.

  1.  Diu Fort 

Fort Diu is located beside the sea giving you access to the surreal view of horizons directly from the fort. Your ear gets the pleasure of listening to the sea waves. The lighthouse is however closed for the public. You can visit it anytime between 8 AM – 6 PM without having to pay an entry fee.

  1. Nagoa Beach  

Nagoa Beach houses vast expanses of sand bounded by warm waters of the stunning Arabian Sea. You get to enjoy the rides on camels as well as ponies in the romantic ambiance. It can be visited any time between sunrise to sunset and there is no need to pay any sort of fee.

  1. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple 

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple was supposedly built by Pandavas and is popular for five Shiva Lingas. The temple finds a location in Fudam Village that is 3 km from Diu. You can visit the temple between 8 AM – 6 PM.


  1. Ghoghla Beach  

Ghoghla Beach offers stunning coastal aesthetics. There are many restaurants on the beach and you can also indulge in water sports. This is a perfect place for rejuvenating your body and mind.

  1. Zampa Gateway

Zampa Gateway bears bright red construction and has an artificial waterfall. The walls contain paintings of lions, ministers as well as heavenly attendants. Also, there is a chapel inside and the place is open 24 hours for you to visit.

  1. INS Khukri Memorial 

INS Khukri Memorial commemorates the INS Khukri that sunk during the war in 1971 between Pakistan and India. It is basically a reminder of valiant soldiers. You can explore the place any time as it is open 24 hours and there is no need to pay any entry fee.


  1. Sunset Point 

Sunset Point is located near Chakratirth Beach. This is a dreamy place offering a view of surreal beauty with the crashing sound of waves on the rocks. This place is again a treat to your soul

  1.  St. Paul Church

St. Paul Church is the only functional church that is located in this area. The building offers a stunning architecture replete with rich wood carvings and volutes. The origin of the church dates back to 1601 AD and is open for a visit between 8 AM to 6 PM and the entry is totally free.

  1. Sea Shell Museum 

Sea Shell Museum houses a vast collection of diverse kinds of seashells. This place is total entertainment for people of all age groups. The place is open from 10 AM – 5 PM for tourists and there is no entry fee.

  1. Dinosaur Park  

The Dinosaur Park is basically an ultra-innovative themed park featuring the life-size structure of dinosaur and a large play area for the kids. The park is open from 10 AM – 6 PM for visiting and you are supposed to pay an entry fee of INR 20.

  1. Simbor Beach 

Simbor Beach is situated in Simbor village in Diu offering sweeping picturesque backdrops. It also features Fort St. Anthony of Simbor which is an old Portuguese fort. You can visit the beach anytime without having to pay even a penny.

  1. Chakratirth Beach 

Chakratirth Beach is situated on the outskirts of Diu amidst the serene hills with the Arabian Sea at the base. It offers a pleasant experience to souls seeking rejuvenation. The best time to visit the place is between October and March. 

  1. Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar Beach is km away from Diu’s main city well supplied with golden sands. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Chandrika as well as a memorial for the tourists to visit. 

  1. Gomtimata Beach 

Gomtimata Beach is located in Vanakbara village and is absolutely secluded. It is characterized by natural white sand plus expansive ocean views perfect for relaxing as well as strolling. It is open for tourists from 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM.

  1.  Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi 

Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi is a perfect blend of history as well as architecture and is one of the oldest churches in Diu. It dates back its origin to 1593 and can be visited anytime between 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM.

  1. Diu Museum 

Diu Museum is a part of the St. Thomas Church built-in 1598. It is open for the tourists from 8 AM – 9 PM. it is well kept but the worn-out look of the museum is still preserved.

Diu mueseum

  1. Hoka Trees 

Hoka trees are native to the northern half of Africa as well as to Arabian Peninsula. These are completely different species of plants and are very mesmerizing. You will surely be fascinated to see these and are best found between the months of October and March.

  1. Panikota Fort 

Also known as Fortim-Do-Mar, Panikota Fort is located in the bay of Simbor on an island that is 46 kilometers from Diu. It was used as jail after independence from the Portuguese. It is open for tourists between 8 AM – 6 PM free of charge.

  1. Chapel Of Our Lady Rosary 

 Chapel Of Our Lady Rosary is located in Old Moti Daman and dates back to the 17th century. The kit comprises of an architecture that is the reminiscence of Gothic-style as well as Portuguese influence. The interiors are decorated using a rose-petal shaped roof along with tinted glass windows. It is open all the time and can be visited free of cost.

One travel tip that we would like to give you is on choosing the apparel. So that you remain comfortable throughout the day while you are out exploring the places, it is suggested that you wear clothes that cover most of your body so that the sun does not bother you much. Apart from this, it is also suggested that you carry a water bottle with you so that you do not get dehydrated.

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