Triund Valley- A trek for beginners in Mcleodganj

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Located at a distance of about 9 km from McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, the Triund Valley has been drawing crowds for its amazing trek. The easy to moderate hike is suitable not only for experts but also for those who are willing to set the ball rolling in the astounding sport. It is a perfect weekend getaway to refresh one’s mind and get going with the monotonous schedule of the next week.

McLeod Ganj, often called as ‘Little Lhasa’ is a lively and colourful suburb of Dharamshala where it feels like actually being in Tibet. It is a 9 km walk from here to Triund hilltop.  There are two routes which one can take. One of them is via Galu Temple while the other is through Bhagsu. The former one is easier in terms of steepness and terrain. After registering oneself at the Police Check Point near Galu Temple – the last point till where going by cars is feasible – no other option but going on foot remains.


For amateurs, it is recommended that they start early so that they reach the hilltop before it gets dark. Otherwise, for experienced trekkers, it is only a 2-3 hours journey. Due to the brief stretch, it is possible for one to go uphill and return also on the same day but it is always advisable to spend the night on the hilltop only so as to cherish the night sky view. It is also suggested to carry ample food and water from downhill only as the prices of every item goes on increasing by leaps and bounds with increasing altitude. Other than these, only essential items must be carried as unnecessary baggage slows down speed.

As one crosses the Registration Point, the calmness and wilderness of the place start taking in. The initial peregrination is very easy and one can enjoy the beautiful view of the adjoining hills. The fresh air of the mountains energises the people while the desire to get closer to nature incentivizes them to carry on.

The first refreshment counter comes after about 2 km of the trek from the Galu temple, where there is a Momos Point. One can relish them with the peculiar homemade sauce that they are served with. Also, let there be some space for a hot cup of tea or noodles which are available at cafés that come later on in the trail.

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The ascend’s difficulty level increases a little after the Momos Point. One might find wild goats and cows on the way. The second halting point is usually the Magic View café where one can refill their water bottles and eat something before going further. The real escalation starts after this café and the last 2 km of the trek test one’s patience and energy. But at the end, they are all worth it.

On reaching the hilltop one gets mesmerised by the breathtaking scenery. The lofty Dhauladhar Range can be seen from here and the snow covered peaks are a treat to the eyes. There is Forest Department guest house where one can seek accommodation for the night only if the advance booking has been done but pitching a tent is highly recommended to make the trip more thrilling. After adoring the splendid sunset, one is captivated by the beautiful clear sky full of twinkling stars. It is a Photographer’s paradise!

The next morning one can tread to the Snowline Café which at a distance of 2 km from the hilltop and consequently begins the return journey. Going downhill is relatively easier that climbing, so it does not take much time to reach the Registration Point. After resting for a while in McLeod Ganj, one can head backwards as the weekend comes to a close.

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Adventure,tranquillity, peace, nature’s beauty and an experience of a time- if one wants it all at one place under time constraints, a trek to Triund is an unparalleled idea!

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