Why Dhanak is a must watch for traveller in you?

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Dhanak was a refreshing and vibrant movie that set the bar high for conventional Bollywood movies. The story of a blind boy Chotu and Pari, his sister who promised to help him regain his eyesight. She sees a poster of Shahrukh Khan and believes that he is the one who could help her in getting Chotu’s eyesight back. It is an incredible road film and I believe everyone should watch it especially travellers because of following reasons:

1.    It is a road film

Both the kids skip their homes to go on a 300km long journey. There will some parts of the journey that every traveller would be able to relate to. Like the people they met on the way and how kind a stranger can be, even the homesickness but a wish to finally see what you want to.

2.    Add Rajasthan to your Travel list

The scenes of the desert of Jaisalmer will surely make you add Rajasthan to your list of places to visit. You get insight into the rural life of Rajasthan as well and it is way more charming than you expect. It just wins your heart with the hospitality and the people. From the first sequence itself, sleeping under the night sky in the open desert, you understand that it will be a special experience.

3.    Life lesson

Apart from these superficial reasons, there is one deep meaning behind this movie. It shows you that you must see things with your heart and not just your eyes and that is an important lesson for one who travels. While travelling, we see incredible sights of majestic mountains, spectacular oceans and what not. But it is not just the sight that changes you as a person, it is that moment where you understand the grandiosity of nature and revel in its magnificence.

4.    Anything is possible

I know how hard it is for travellers to firstly make that choice of choosing life on the road. It is a big risk and while the will is there, there are always doubts. But this movie and the kid duo in all its innocence taught us that anything can be achieved if only one has faith. The lesson to learn is that we must believe in ourselves and our ideas. If you wish to take on the most difficult trek or climb a mountain, nothing can stop you.

5.    People you meet

The movie gives you an authentic portrayal of the types of people you will during your journey. There is the truck driver who gives the kids a ride, the man in the tractor and as a traveller; we have had such nice experiences where a stranger lends a helpful hand. They also meet a foreigner which is also expected and a Banjara woman who rescues the kids from kidnappers. Now that does add thrill to the journey.

6.    Missed the bus for food

Okay, this HAS to have happened with every traveller at least once. You get easily distracted by delicious food and local cuisines and miss the train or bus. And for certain food lovers, the problem of finding the right place with authentic and delicious regional food is real. So when you find it, there is no stopping that feast.

All in all, it is not only an inspiring movie but also a visual delight with scenes of peacock cries and real colors of Rajasthan. Even the music of the movie is incredibly charming and heart touching. As a traveller, you should note down the names of villages and pay them a visit at your trip to Rajasthan.

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