Why Taj Group of Hotels is my preferred choice?

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From its first hotel Taj Palace in Mumbai, 1903 to its resorts and chains world over now, Taj Group is the symbol of unprecedented luxury for people around the globe. Touted as one of the world’s oldest luxury hotel and resorts chain, Taj Group has served some of the most elite people from India and abroad. Top notch politicians, Hollywood stars, musicians, sports stars, etc., all have been on the guest list of the Taj Group. We try to explore as to why Taj Group is still the milestone of luxury even after more than 100 years in the industry and we land up choosing Taj Properties in our stay. Here we go:


One of the World’s largest hotel groups

Taj Hotel and Resorts started their operations in the year 1899 and have not looked back ever since. After spending more than 100 years in the industry, Taj Group is still the most popular name on the bucket list of luxury travelers visiting India. Taj Hotel Groups has more than 108 hotels and resorts in India and 17 hotels other parts of the world.This makes it one of the largest hotel groups functioning currently.


The Unmatched Standards of Luxury

Several magazines have declared Taj as the best hotel group in the world and southern Asia. The main reasons why Taj is still on top of the list of best luxury hotels even after so many years is its unmatched standards of luxury. The hotel combines the luxury of Indian royalty with a dash of classic British sophistication. Their Indian hospitality is an out-of-the-world experience. Its guest can’t get enough of it.




One of the most beautiful hotels in the world

A scene of Octopussy (the James Bond movie) was shot in The Lake Palace, Udaipur, which is part of the Taj Group. Established right in the middle of an exotic lake in the land of the royalty of India, Rajasthan, the hotel appears like a white pearl studded in a blue diamond.Millions of tourists from across the world throng the hotel to catch its glimpse. For them, it is not just a hotel but also a major attraction in the heart of the town. Not to miss, their property in Maldives Taj Exotica boasts of being one of the best in the world, and believe us, it truly resonates it name and charm.



The world-class cuisine

No matter how beautiful or luxurious a hotel is if it does not serve good food then it is all worth no use. Taj group earns its reputation for serving its guest with the world’s best food. It hosts some of the world’s best restaurants such as House of Ming, Varq and the famous international eatery Machan. All high-profile politicians from around the world love to dine here whenever they visit India.




Taj Group also showcases some of the most exotic spa experience with lavish swimming pool. Being one of the most visited hotels in the world, the hotel also organizes guided tours for its guest.

Since its inception in the year 1899, Taj Group has achieved countless milestones during its long journey. It is the symbol of royalty, luxury, and comfort around the world. It is worth the experience. Applying to their Epicure Membership always comes handy.

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