Why travelling triumphs a massive paycheck

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he growing forces of capitalization have turned the scene around. Gone are the days when spirituality was considered as important as other aspects of human life but when exactly did we begin to transform? Here we are now, stacked in closed walls just for a decent amount of money for which we work all day all night. Is that all worth it? Why do we earn, to make our lives better! But are we really doing that? There are certain things that the world needs to speak out loud but nobody does that really. We have learned to become content with our 9 to 6 routine and the weekends, where we are tired enough to get out of our beds.

What is traveling in that scenario and where it is? A traveler’s mind is wired differently from the rest. He is the risk taker; he doesn’t care about the money. Take a passionate travel blogger for example, he will work at the prices which are just enough for his survival but he doesn’t bat an eye, why? Because he is content with himself, with what he doing rather than what rest of the world is doing. So that, when he lies on his deathbed, about to die, he can smile and say to himself- Hey, don’t worry, you have lived a wonderful life!

Here we list a few reasons, why traveling is way more important as a lifestyle rather than staying whole day inside closed walls and what eventually inspires us to travel.

It relaxes the soul and the mind. It makes you feel all refreshed so that you can go back to your work with enhanced productivity. In the end, we are all humans, we all need breaks. But then there are some stubborn people who consider it a waste of time and money. Well, that is just their personal opinion really and we shouldn’t be bothered but someone needs to take them to a trip to Himachal to let them know what they are actually missing.

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It’s the money well spent, yes it is there. The money spent on a small trip to a nearby hill station doesn’t really come with a feeling of guilt, like alcohol, where you wake up next day cursing yourself for wasting hard earned money while making it difficult for your liver to work effortlessly.


You grow as a person! The more you travel, the more you interact with people from different walks of life which is not possible working in some office where you see the same faces every day again and again. You feel mature, responsible and most importantly, you feel happy, which money can’t provide.


You feel alive- Even a computer lives its life working, sitting in an air-conditioned office, but does it ever feel alive? Sometimes, we just have to let it go and following your passion is one thing that is worth letting everything go. It makes you feel like a risk taker, a rebel and a living breathing soul finally freed from the cage.


You have new experiences – Travelling is the best way to enrich your life with new experiences and new memories. One must choose at least a few years or few months to experience this beautiful planet, climbing a mountain or going for a walk on the beach, or visiting a museum or see what’s out there in a national park. Travelling opens up infinite possibilities and leaves one with many experiences.


There are countless reasons that we can list here in order to state the advantages of having a trip or two every month without worrying about the salary cuts that will follow. But they aren’t needed, we just need to realize the need to follow our hearts, for whatever it takes and start traveling.

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