Why Travelling with your Sister is always Fun!!

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We often come across this question, that what pushed us to choose our sister as travel partners. #ghoomophirosisters. Here you go..

You already know each other inside out

Travelling is a rigorous process consisting of a lot of sleepless nights and hurdles to overcome. It comes in handy to know each others’ habits, likes & dislikes, and strengths & weaknesses from beforehand. In such a case, there remains no room for unpleasant surprises when you already know how the other person reacts in similar situations. God forbid, if there is a crisis, you both can make a good pair ward off the trouble and emerge out of the negativity because of your mutual understanding and coordination.


It is easy to share money

It is much easier to share costs with your sister as compared to any other person. If you lend and do not get the money back in time, you know whom to catch hold of in financial crisis. You can vouch for her to pay your bills too as that is what at least an elder sister does! If you both are not earning as of now and your parents are funding the trip, there is no need for even splitting the costs; the payments can be done from one common source only. All these things add- on to the simplicity of the trip and hassle free travelling.


You both can be brutally honest with each other 

There is a certain element of openness and frankness in the relationship of two siblings. They can criticise each other with ease when the need arises and be appreciative too with the same amount of comfort. The thought of the other person getting awkward usually does not arise.

Your sister will tell you when you behave irrationally or may be when your clothes do not look right! She might be savage in her delivery, but her intentions will always be altruistic.


Fights cannot go on for too long between you two

Quarrels with your family especially your siblings do not last for long. One moment you yell and shout on the other one and the very next moment you can be seen laughing together. That is how the relationship with a sister is! They are not serious and do not last for very long. You tend to forget about them soon and do not hold long- term grudges against each other.


 Both of you will look out for each other

It is because you trust your sister with crucial things of life, you feel safe with her during travelling too. You can depend on her for all the important stuff like booking tickets, carrying documents and protecting you from unwanted circumstances. She will always have your back.  Also, it is nice to have someone to take care of your belongings and watch your bags while you run to the restroom!Convinced !! Plan a trip with your sissy soon then!


Convinced !! Plan a trip with your sissy soon then!

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