Why you should date a girl who loves traveling

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Traveling is one of the most rewarding and exciting things you can possibly do, so it makes sense that dating people who make travel a priority is definitely a good idea. You might wonder, if traveler women are wifey material or not, so here you go with few convincing reasons

Life shall be super adventurous

Girls who travel are the most exciting partners as you will find them coming up with one story or the other. It is little difficult to have any dull moment with them, as they are always up with any new adventure or the other. You can always trust her that she will survive any situation and can also help you out to overcome them as well. She will always be keen to be your fantasy’s crime partner. You shall be pushed to your limits every-time, you plan anything in life with them


She is witty, spontaneous, independent and intelligent.

Travel alone usually made these ladies so independent that they can never be burden on you. Instead you will always find them giving you a helping hand in your everyday chores. Usually they are low maintenance and easy going. You wouldn’t find them getting into undue arguments unless mandatory. They are smart enough to handle situations on their own. Travel teaches them adaptability, and hence they are adaptable to all situations of life with you.  As they meet lot of people on the travel, they know how to keep the conversations engaging and add fun element to it.

She is good problem –solver

As they travel, they need to think on their feel almost every time they get stuck to difficult situations which may include delayed flights, messed up washrooms, missed trains. They are the ones, who don’t make faces in such situations. Instead they always find a work around to get the travel on. This problem solving ability lets them to be great partner in bringing their partners out from the challenges of life. She is one of those who make lemonade, when life throws lemons at her;)

She is Active

Whether she is trekking to Himalayas oar getting lost in jungle, she has the habit to cover it all in limited time. This makes her active in her day today life to be healthier version of herself.

She isn’t materialistic

She is not the one who will get wooed by expensive gifts. Instead all you need to gift her small adventure trips, your time or pictures of you too traveling together. She will be happy to listen chirpy birds or gazing stars with you. Life Experiences is what makes her happy.


Since she happen to have her interaction with multi-culture people, she is open to all. You can be truly yourself with her without having the fear of being judged at every step. She is not those who will tell you “You are weird”. Instead, she will come up with similar stories.


Financial Management

She is probably the hardest working gal you will ever meet in your lifetime. She will take a couple of jobs or more, to fund her trips and adventures. What’s more, she shares her travel experiences to the world via a blog, and converts it into an extra source of income. They are the ones who find myriad ways to generate money on the road.

She’s loving and thoughtful

She may be on the road a lot, but a girl who loves to travel always have the habit to write. She tries to relate everything she sees with you and miss you. You are part of his everyday routine and do take ideas from other cultures to make your life better.

So did you make up your mind or still thinking? I totally believe she will be worth it. So get ready for a wild crazy ride for entire life time, where-in you can have meaningful conversations with her while experiencing beautiful escapades, soaking lazily on the beaches.

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