5 Reasons One Should Dive In Philippines

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While talking about the diving destinations across the globe, we ghoomophirosisters extracted a lot about this location. It is still not clear why people move past the Philippines, so uninformed and oblivious of what it is and how they should treat this native diving destination. The archipelago, mountains, remote villages, and the beautiful landscapes in the surroundings should make this country a must-visit. However, we will recommend the Philippines as a haven for diving for various other reasons as well.

Here are a few reasons you should dive in the Philippines.

1. Proximity with Coral Triangle

We ghoomophirosisters engaged in unlimited fun in this country, primarily due to its convenient location. Situated at the tip of the Coral Triangle, which is the hub of biodiversity, the place harbors over two thousand species of fishes and no less than about six hundred coral species that facilitate the reef formation. Now that is exciting, and divers should love to explore this region. According to reports, the Coral Triangle also houses about six to seven species of marine turtles. Moreover, the Coral Triangle is also inclusive of some other diving destinations of Indonesia, which are away at the center of the triangle.

2. Diving in the coral reef and finding a dive shop

We can tell you from personal experience what exhilaration stirs your mind when scuba divers dive into the warm waters of this country. Still, the favorite season for diving should be the drier months from December to May. During these months, you can view marine life more clearly. However, you should be familiar with the changing weather conditions of this country during the last few years.

Even though the people of the Philippines have different dialects according to the region, English is the official language of the country. Therefore, like us ghoomophirosisters, you will find books, forms, road signs, and newspaper in English. You will not have a speck of problems while visiting the country.

3. Striking beaches

There are endless beaches in and around the Philippines where you can enjoy just like us. With pristine beaches and nearing about seven thousand islands, the transparent and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and China Sea will leave you in astonishment. From White Beach and Lombok Beaches to Alona Beaches, the diversity of beach area makes this region a must-visit for scuba divers. During every trip you arrange to all the sixteen regions of the Philippines, we ghoomophirosisters learned a lot about the customs, beliefs, behavioral traits, and the culture of this country.

Philipines Beaches

4. Experience true diving fun

The diving opportunities in the Philippines are endless, whether it is underwater or land. Some islands are sandy, while others are rocky with clear water around. Moreover, you can also enjoy snorkeling just as we did from every location.

5. Taking a Bangka

We had countless fun while taking the local boat called Bangka, which is available for local transportation, recreation, and fishing. How pleasurable it was for us to find the native fishes, such as clownfish and anemone. Viewing the marine fishes at the bottom of the reef is an experience we will cherish in our hearts forever. 

If you want to spend hours relaxing and revitalizing in the marine location, visiting the Philippines of diving is worth the price you pay.

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