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Coorg is one of our getaways. Nature smiles at Coorg and despite being a rural district of Karnataka it has managed to attract tourists on the back of countless attractions. Wildlife lovers, nature lovers, adventure lovers – there are attractions enough for all of them in Coorg. There are so many things we have loved doing, Here, we bring you a list of amazing things to do in Coorg:

Barapole river rafting.

One of the most favorite amazing things to do in Coorg is Barapole river rafting. Barapole has challenging and untrustworthy water which makes it perfect for adventuresome river rafting. The river passes through Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary which added to the spirit of adventure and we came across an elephant who was drinking water at the shore of the river and a Nilgiri Langoor during rafting.


Visit Dubare Elephant Park

If you love elephants the way we do, then you just can’t skip over a chance to visit Dubare Elephant Park. Naturalists here try to train elephants in as natural a manner as possible. In an environment surrounded by natural vegetation, we could see how elephants are fed, trained and groomed and ask questions and the best part was participating in it ourselves. In particular, we loved bathing those giants.

Please note that the park is open only between 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM


Visit Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls offers some of the most beautiful picnic spots we have come across. – it is a perfect place to go click happy. It is opened from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we took Jeep ride on your way there and to back from Mandalpatti, which was an amazing way to enjoy tranquil sunrises and sunsets.



Experience the Tibetian culture at Golden Temple

The Namdroling in Arlikumari, better known as Golden Temple is surrounded by the only Tibetian settlement in South India. Located at a distance of about 6 kilometers from Kushalnagar, this amazing work of architecture is home to about 7000 monks. There is a number of food stalls around the temple from where we tasted the delicious Tibetian food and bought some souvenirs.

Go trekking and hiking

Next in our list of amazing things to do in Coorg is to trekking and hiking. The Western Ghats offers amazing treks that offer a totally different kind of challenge in winters and summers. We ourselves went hiking on Brahmagiri trek and it offered us several astounding views. Some of the treks include adiandamol, Kodachadri, Kumara Parvatha, and Mullayanagiri.

Visit Madikeri Fort

Taking a break from nature, we now chose to turn to next in our list of things to to do in Coorg by visiting Madikeri Fort. Madikeri is a hill in Coorg and its top is the fort famous for carrying in it artifacts that once belonged to the legendary local ruler Tipu Sultan. The fort was first built by Mudduraja but Tipu Sultan and later Linga Rajendra brought several renovations. It also has a church built by East Indian Company.

Madikeri Fort

7. Go Microlight Flying

Microlight Flying is one of the rarest experiences to be had in Coorg. It was definitely one of the most thrilling experiences we had in here. These gliders can hold up to two people, can rise up to 5000 meters and fly at a speed of a hundred kilometers per hour. Microlight Flying gave us a way of looking at things, figuratively speaking, from a bird’s point of view.

Try your hands at Rock Climbing

We had long wanted to try our hands at rock climbing and we got a chance to do so in Honnamanna Kere.  The rocks of mountain ranges that define typography of the area are just perfect for the experience. Of course, you will need to avail yourself with necessary safety equipment, gloves, shoes, etc. But as far as we are concerned it is one of the must-do things in Coorg. There are instructors there to facilitate your experience and ensure your experience – so pay heed to their instructions. They were of tremendous assistance to us.

Go Kayaking

At Madikeri, we also went Kayaking. It is one of our favorite activities – there is nothing so adventuresome and tranquil at the same time as when our arms strike a peace with the paddling motion and we could lose ourselves to natural incredible views that surround us. Madikeri is not the only place in Coorg where you can try your hands at Kayaking, you can also try it at other places like Kushalnagar or Kakkabe, but it must surely make it to your list of amazing things to do in Coorg.

Take a dip in the waters of Talacauvery

Next in our list of amazing things to do in Coorg was Talacauvery. Located unparallel natural scenery just about 45 kilometers from Madikeri, Talacauvery is considered to be the source of river Kaveri and is, thus, of great spiritual importance to the devotees of Goddess Kaveri, one of the holy rivers of the country. We highly recommend visiting the place to have a dip in its waters, the way we did. We visited it during the festival of Tulasankaramma which is the best time to visit this holy place.

Visit Nisargadhama

Next in our list of amazing things to do in Coorg that we loved most is a visit to Nisargadhama. This small island is approached by crossing a hanging garden.  We were enchanted by the spell-binding views of nature it had to offer. It also had an ecological park. Surrounded by bamboo trees and scenic vegetation, the island offers perfect photography and picnic opportunities. We clicked scores of pictures during the few hours of our trip there.

Off-Road Jeep Drive To Nishani Hills

Another amazing adventure that we could not help adding to our list of amazing things to do in Coorg is the Offroad Jeep Drive to Nishani Hills. If like us, you have wanted to experience the ruthless driving in the rough natural terrains of the kind that we often see in so many action movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. Then, this guided tour through the deciduous forests of Coorg is just the thing for you. I don’t think we ever stopped screaming throughout the drive.


Irruppu Falls

Perhaps nowhere else does the Western Ghats shows its beauty in all its wildness as in Irruppu falls which shall form penultimate item in this list of amazing things to do in Coorg. Located amidst natural vegetation, the waterfall mesmerized us with its breathtaking views.


There is a good reason why Coorg is Called the adventure capital of India. But as you can see that though it offers unique adventures and is thus worthy of the title, its attractions are not necessarily limited to adventures. Our trips to Coorg have given us some of our best memories. J

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