An innovative way to woo customers

Posted on May 14, 2021 by

In a unique way to attract the attention of the people back to the store, Selfridges & Co. is providing a chance to the eligible couples to get married in its huge shopping emporium on Oxford Street, Oxford. This luxury department store has got a temporary license to serve as a host to the ‘micro weddings’ for a specified time period this year, limiting the number of visitors to 20. The retailer stated that the initiative is a portion of the plan to ‘offer new ways to celebrate the special experiences everyone has been missing’ during the lockdown time.
In the middle of the pandemic, numerous British weddings had to be called off or postponed because of the restrictions imposed on the huge gatherings, and the ever-increasing backlog has led to the shortage if venues. Selfridges is of the opinion that such an initiative will aid in meeting the demand along with providing an out of the box alternative.
Named after the founder of the company, Harry Gordon Selfridges, the American retail magnate, the store started on with its service in the year 1909, on Oxford Street. For a long period of time, the company has been the main point of attraction in the main shopping district of the capital and also a favourite destination for fashion-conscious people.
There are three different wedding packages available. The options provided shall include hair and makeup appointments, clothing rental, use of the private cinema in the store, champagne and win and a DJ set for four hours. The ceremonies shall be conducted in a particular ‘wedding suite’ positioned on the fourth floor, and the services shall be granted for civil partnerships.
Since the non-essential retails are kept open from April 12, the British stores are witnessing an increased amount of sale. On Monday, both the sausage-roll chain Greggs Plc and upmarket chocolatier Hotel Chocolat Group Plc has seen an increased amount of profit forecasts.