Countries That Have Put India Into the Banned List

Posted on May 14, 2021 by

Due to the recent spike in the number of positive cases, Indian travellers have to face more stringent measures throughout the world and these regulations are getting altered regularly. In the midst of the pandemic, countries follow more strict regulations that include restricting the arrival of visitors from countries that have a huge number of active cases. But now, these countries have stopped the entry of all Indian travellers.
Until May 16, the Portugal government has banned all travel from and to India due to the rise in positive cases.
Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister has made it clear that until April 28, Indian travellers should not have any entry to this country. Such a decision has been finalised after there were 23 new positive cases at its border among which 17 were from India.
From Monday, the country has banned all Indian visitors. The ban on flights was announced on the night of Sunday.
Maldives has also stopped all flights from India. The Maldives tourism minister tweeted, “With effect from April 27, (Maldives’ health authorities) suspends tourists travelling from India to the Maldives from staying at tourist facilities in inhabited islands.”
Kuwait has also stopped all flights from India. The suspension came into force on April 24. The Kuwait directorate general of civil aviation tweeted that all those who are travelling from India (directly or via another country) have to spend minimum two weeks outside India if they want to enter the country.
Italy also is not allowing foreign passengers who have stayed in India for the past couple of weeks. In addition to it, Italians will only be permitted to return but they need to carry a negative test report.
Due to the abrupt rise in Covid cases, Iran on Sunday blocked all flights from India. Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President stated, “The Indian coronavirus is a new threat we face. The Indian virus is more dangerous than the English and Brazilian variants.”
The government of Indonesia shall not provide visas to the ones who visited India in the last couple of weeks. Only the Indonesians can get back to the country provided they follow all the quarantine norms.
Due to rise in cases, France has stopped all flights from India. France has stopped flights from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and South Africa as well.
Only Germans and the ones with a German resident are allowed to return from India. He tweeted, “The newly discovered virus mutation in India worries us very much. In order not to jeopardise our vaccination campaign, travel to India must be significantly restricted.”
The government of Canada has cancelled all flights from India for a month. Patty Hajdu, the Health Minister said that the flights that arrived from India carried maximum positive passengers.
For a period of 10 days, UAE has stopped all flights from India except the cargos. The restriction came into being on April 24 midnight and is liable for an extension.
The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention urged all Americans to avoid travelling to India even if they have been vaccinated. According to CDC, India is among ‘level 4’ countries or among the ones that are highly concentrated with the virus. In this second wave, the fully vaccinated people are also not safe.
Recently, UK has also put India into the red list country. So, according to the rule, Indians will not get permission to enter the country and the British residents should undergo isolation in a hotel for a period of 10 days.