Will Bikini Airlines be a success in India?

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Bikini Airlines have come to India but if you don’t know what Bikini airlines are, read on to find out. A Vietnamese airline Vietjet has come to be popularly known as “Bikini Airline” because of their controversial commercials and promotional efforts highlighting their air hostesses in a bikini. But that’s not all, there has been more than just one such advertisement.

From their constant efforts at emphasizing that less is more, they seem to be following the minimalist agenda. Firstly with the controversial advertisements that made them popular as “Bikini airlines” and now with their offer to sell tickets at cheap rates. Now another surprising element is the company is headed by a woman entrepreneur, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao.

Details of the flight

Vietjet has confirmed that they will start their operations in India in the month of December. The flights will go to and fro between India and Vietnam. It will be a direct flight from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. There is still confusion on whether it will be a non-stop flight or not. It may be a direct flight but could have stops in between. Direct means that you just will not have to change flights to reach your destination, but there could be a stop in between.

The company had also offered a super saving ticket offering tickets at the meager cost of Rs 9 for three golden days starting August 20. Customers can go on their website www.vietjet.com to buy tickets or also download their mobile app. Once the three-day offer ends, the base fare for a trip from Delhi to Vietnam will cost you approximately ₹8,863.

The flights will not be available on a daily basis though. The flights from Ho Chi Minh to Delhi will fly for four days in a week i.e Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday while the flights from Hanoi will operate on three days only i.e Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The flying time will be somewhere around 5 hours. Refund on cancellation option is not going to be available and they will allow a carry-on bag only weighing no more than 7 kgs. For taking additional luggage with you, you might have to pay an additional fee.

The flight will take off from New Delhi at 11:50 pm and it will reach Ho Chi Minh at 6:10 am. The return flight will take off at 7 pm from Ho Chi Minh and will arrive at New Delhi at 10:50 pm.

Timings for Hanoi Flights are:

Departure (New Delhi) at 11:50pm. Arrival in Hanoi: 5:20 Am. The return flight will depart from Hanoi at 7:10 pm and reach Delhi by 10:50 pm.

The purpose of Vietjet expanding their operations to India is to cater to air traffic between both countries since there is no direct flight from India to Vietnam or vice versa yet.

Some things you must know about Vietjet:

Much like the infamous Kingfisher, Vietjet also publishes an annual calendar which has pictures of air-hostesses, pilots and other crew posing in racy clothes. Many people have argued against it saying that it is a sexist way of promoting their brand.

Now since the brand is coming to India, it is imperative to mention that the flight attendants do not wear Bikinis while on the flight. That was restricted to only the short time of commercial and the promotional offer.

Currently, Vietjet operates 400 flights daily to various destinations across the country as well as to international destinations in the world. It follows 129 different routes. The company has a fleet of 55 aircraft.

The announcement of Vietjet coming to India was made to mark the visit of Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang in India. It was announced at the India-Vietnam Business Forum held at New Delhi. The expected date for the operations to begin is December 6 but it may be postponed or changed by the company if they so wish.


Vietjet has been quite controversial since their commercials. They have made the headlines before because of their flight attendants serving the customers in uniform that was little more than a Bikini. Moreover, the company was even fined 678.20 euros in 2012 because their five flight attendants took part in a mid-flight dance, wearing Bikinis and posing as if they were in a Beauty contest. Since they had not taken any permission from Vietnam’s aviation authorities, they were fined.

Now, since the company will be operating in India and because of their cheap rates, almost anyone can board the flight, here’s to hoping that the flight attendants don’t get catcalled. It is an international flight and so they may serve alcohol as well and with an airline known to be “Bikini Airline”, it may cause a lot of trouble.

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  • Interesting. Since they are in operation for some years, safety would not be an issue while flying with them. Direct flight to Vietnam is going to be a boon to Vietnam tourism.

    Controversy may be a sheer marketing stunt for them as that keeps them in the news and gets them free (maybe unwanted, maybe not) publicity.

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